Pinterest 50th Most Popular US Website

Pinterest, pinned in Top 50 most-visited sites list of U.S

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:15 pm

Pinterest 50th Most Popular US Website


Internet users have been looking for the results all over the search engines for the top most visited websites in the U.S. for September. On 24th September 2012, Pinterest, called as “a Virtual Pinboard” pierces Top 50 most-visited sites list. Google sites on top with 187 million visitors, followed by Microsoft sites on the 2nd at 167 million visitors, Yahoo sites were marked on the 3rd place at 164 million, 4th was Facebook and the 5th AOL, Inc. The chart below indicates all the ranks and unique visitors a month. Amazon sites took 6th place closely competing with AOL, Inc. There was a close unique visitors comparison between Wikimedia Foundation sites, Glam Media and CBS Interactive. Wikimedia took 7th place followed by Glan Media on 8th and CBS Interactive cracking with 9th position. Apple, Inc pinned to the 10th position


This is the first time, social media website, Pinterest got the ComScore’s list of Top 50 ranking as it exceed 25 million visitors for the month.


Below are 4 top reasons How Pinterest came in top 50 lists:

  1.  Pinterest’s traffic is actually impressive and wide because it’s mostly reconciled to commerce. New trends in fashion industry are all there, which is a widely searched niche these days.
  2. Pictures of new clothes and other consumer goods are popularly seen on Pinterest’s website.
  3. Pinterest has partnered with local merchants to host user meetings.
  4. Pinterest user is 72 percent more likely to have found an item to buy on the site than a Facebook user on Facebook.


Below is the chart indicating ComScore’s list of top 50 sites ( Source )

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