Photoful – an iOS7 like Photo Gallery app with Simple Gesture Control


Last updated September 18th, 2018 at 05:04 pm

Looking for the best free app for photo edit? Your search has ended! The new Photoful has just come to deliver what you need! It is a  free app available on the Apple App Store loaded with all the features of iOS7’s re imagined Photos app.


What makes Photoful Attractive?

It is a new mobile app which can be considered as a fresh re launch of the earlier app called Photo Social. It is basically designed to türkçe altyazılı porn attract iPhone users who desire to enjoy the Photos experience which the new iOS7 is offering to its users. One can say that the app has iOS7 look and feel.

What is Photoful going to offer?

The app is not only offering iOS7’s re-imagined Photos app features but it is also equipped with many extras.

Smart Sorting

It is featured with the same sorting feature as iOS7’s Moment and will sort the photo collection smartly in small groupings. Along with it, the app provides photo tagging, editing, printing and sharing facility. There is also a navigation tool allowing the users to select and discard the photos using gestures.

Quick Filter Tool

Aviary-powered filtering tool is a new tool added to app allowing better edit and filter opportunity along with collage building and slideshow making.

Simple Gesture Control

Gestures are the hallmark which dominates the app when compared with Apple’s Photos app. The gestures it is offering a real and very intuitive. Thus it is a user friendly app. One can select or deselect a row of photos just by a slide of his alman porno izle finger across them. Moreover, he can pull off the photos to one side of screen and also share them on social media, email them, twitter them or share with friends on face book.

Instant and easy tagging is another of the great Photoful’s features.


The technologists expect that the app is going to have a safe future attracting a number of clients. It has been designed very skilfully and the traits with which the app is embellished will make it an appropriate choice for almost all groups of people. The company also plans to extend the Photoful app and connect it with services such as Flickr, Tumbler and Whats app. So a day will come when the app gains ultimate fame and appreciation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.