Phone for your Kid: 1stFone


Parents are worried for the safety of their children since ever. Especially when the kids are not mature enough to actually take care of themselves. The kids under 9 fall in this category where they need paretnal guidance  all the time. In the past when you left your kid somewhere alone like school. on a trip, or at some friend’s place; you couldn’t stay in contact with them directly. Moreover, you can’t hand over an expensive phone to a kid who can’t take care of himself well.

This problem always needed a solution in order to make parents peacful and relaxed. Here we found a news for such dilemma of parents.


Here is The Solution!

A phone for kids has been developed by the company CyCell. This phone will hopefully evaluate all such troubles for parents about their kids.



The phone, called 1stFone, is almost just like a standard credit card in size. The surface design is designed by default and you can customize the embedded buttons on it.

These buttons can be changed only by parent;s or adult’s concent.


Simpler the Better

It is a very simple and easy to use device designed by keeping in view the fact that kids need very quick and easy-to-use kind of phone just to stay in touch with their parents; or to call them in the time of emergency.

Suitable Age Group

The age group taken under consideration is from 4 to 9. This is very good limit because this is exactly the age at which kids need help.

Additions Can Be Made

Rumours are there that in future, the company may add basic and simpler games for the kids so that it can attract them more.


Another Advantage

The usage of the phone can be extended to old people who are under effects of Alzheimer or are not very fond of latest phones.



The phone costs £55, which is average and can be spend easily for the sake of your child.


It will be available in different colours. You can change them as per your taste in colours.



The idea is great and should be appreciated. This is a big help to parents who have to leave their kids for long duration for jobs or important activities. Moreover, if your kid keeps this phone the chances of them getting lost in crowd or market will decrease as you can easily locate them with the help of this gadget.


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