Penguin Trials- A Really Fun Game For Android Users

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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:22 am

Have you ever seen those cartoons in childhood where different animals were shown marching towards their doom? The idea itself is charismatic but if you were the one who was guiding those animals (penguins) towards their doom? In today’s post, I’m going to review a new game that has recently surfaced on android market and is called “The Penguin Trial”. The idea of the game is that, you are the one controlling penguins and it is your responsibility to help them reach at a safe location.


Controlling The Penguins

The trickiest thing about penguin trials is that, it doesn’t offer you any direct control over your penguins. There are a total of five penguins but you cannot control them directly (strange). You are the one who is guiding them through different levels by moving different objects like moving crates and jump pads. You also have to destroy the wood stacks. If need arises, you can also use special force to trigger a switch that will open a particular pathway. Opening a pathway will be simple during initial levels but as you will keep moving forward, the game will become trickier and difficult to handle.

Penguin Trials
Penguin Trials


There are a total of 48 different levels in this game. However, the goal is same to guide at least penguin safely from its igloo to the flag. Even if you lose some other penguins along the way, it doesn’t make any difference at all. However, you will only advance to a new level when all the penguins are available. You will definitely need to start over the game even if one penguin gets stuck somewhere.

Penguins to Safety in Penguin Trials
Penguins to Safety in Penguin Trials

Foolish Penguins – Penguin Trials

Penguins are considered as adorable and innocent birds. The same idea is depicted throughout the game where your penguins will get stuck into simplest places and even fall straight their face down the ice. Real penguins may have the ability to swim in freezing water but your penguins will drown as soon as they fall into the water. You will be given instructions and guidelines before the starting of a new level.

You are the Master

To be honest, you are not the master of those foolish penguins who are wandering around in Antarctic but still, you have the ability to control the objects. The game itself plots different obstacles in the way of penguins but you can help them cover the distance just be removing those objects or switching open a gateway.

Puzzle It Out

If the game is running smoothly and you don’t have to put difference obstacles out of Penguins way, you will be kept thinking by the game. Some levels are really simple and easy but on the other hand, some levels are really challenging and they will make you all the energy preserved in your brain to figure out how to get the penguin out of trouble. While playing the game, I had to start over so many levels so many times. Still, I haven’t cleared all 48 levels because it will take me many more days to master this game and understand how to survive in a tricky situation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.