An Overview of iPhone 5S Specs


Let it be known to the common masses that iPhone 5S is on its way to the launch. As usual we are here to give you the latest leaks of the iPhone 5S specs before anyone else. If you are a gadget lover and are into the tech stuff, then this article is definitely your tooth. So friends! Here we go.

iphone 5s


The Apple Company usually launches an updated model of the previous model and rarely introduces something completely new. So most probably the iPhone 5S would be much like the iPhone 5 with few enhancements in the features.

iPhone 5S Specs

This gadget would be launched in somewhere around autumn. The specifications of this model might include a change in the size of the smartphone with a high resolution display of about 1,136*640 pixels, a current design, probably a third color addition of the handset to the apple family, a faster A7 processor, AirDrop enabling easy transfer of files, Control Center, a 5.92 Whr long lasting battery a high resolution camera of 12 megapixel and a dual LED flash for better quality pictures even in the dark.

iphone 5s

128 GB Capacity

Not only this, but it also endorses a 128 GB capacity which is no more impossible and is evident from the recent launch of iPad 4 also containing a 128 GB capacity. The interesting news is that the phone might have a wireless charging option via NFMR. Moreover, this high-tech gadget consists of fingerprint scanner for paying as well.


iPhone Body and Size

As far as the casing is concerned, rumors spread out depicting that the new iPhone would have the plastic casing in order to make it cheaper and the new smartphone would come in multiple sizes. But these are only rumors and we all better wait for the mega-launch.

All in all, let us keep our fingers crossed for the release of this breath taking new model. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.