Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing – The Ultimate Comparison

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Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 08:18 pm

Marketing is the key to success for every business in the world. Not matter if you invest billions of dollars in your business but do not invest enough in marketing for your business then you may be unsuccessful. Because marketing introduce your product to the whole world and target the people which may be interested in buying your product. Your products are useless for you if none know about them that’s why marketing is so important. Now in marketing world there are two modes of marketing one is called offline marketing and other one is online marketing. We will compare both of them and will conclude which is best among these.


Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

1. Ease To Do

Not a single of these two modes of marketing is easy to do. But if anyone thinks that doing work on a computer is easier then hanging poster on bill boards  then you can say online marketing is easier then offline marketing. There are several advantages for online marketing to offline marketing. For example you can control everything on the go with your mobile or laptop.

Winner. Tie

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

2. Tracking marketing results

This is something in which online marketing provides more good tools and tips. In offline marketing you can track results by assuming the increase in your customers after marketing or by doing surveys and asking customers for testimonials. But in online marketing you can track results in real time by using various analytic tools online. You can even track sources, you can check from where your customers are coming, which is their area, what’s their age and many other useful things which can make your marketing campaign better.

Winner. Online Marketing

marketing results

3. Customer Satisfaction

If we talk about customer satisfaction and which mode of marketing is best for it then we see in offline marketing its easier to satisfy customers ( Its too difficult but also easier then online marketing in some senses ). But when we measure customer satisfaction in online marketing then Its totally depend on the customers. Because in many countries people still think its a risk to buy or order anything online. In online marketing you can meet customers or targeted people face to face and can give your best efforts at the spot to convince them. Because when someone talk face to face its easier to judge him. So, offline marketing have more advantages then online marketing in customer satisfaction.

Winner. Offline marketing

Customer Satisfaction

4. Know What customers want – online marketing vs offline marketing

Well you can check via both modes of marketing that what customers want from the company. In online marketing you can invite people for the online surveys on company’s website or can hire any survey company. Marketer can also invite people to tell about their experience with companies product. Surveys also are widely used in offline marketing to check out the performance of any company. Offline companies also ask their existing customers to write testimonials about their products. But these types of surveys are done in public places like parks, roads and markets so taking part in these surveys could also be fun. But in both marketing modes marketers can efficiently know about customers wishes.

Winner. Tie

what customers want

5. Greater Market

So, what do you think which world have great market online or offline? As everybody know having a website makes your product visible to the whole world. That’s why online market is bigger then offline marketing. But anyone can’t also ignore offline marketing because only having online presence can’t matter until you have real world presence.

Winner. Online marketing

market place

6. Meetings and Events – online marketing vs offline marketing

Big companies always arrange big events to introduce their new products. Marketing in that type events depends on the product type, for example if your company is going to introduce a new smartphone then you will need both online and offline marketing to make your product successful. But when you are going to introduce “new corn seed type” then you will need to target “agriculturists and some scientists” in your marketing campaign and for that offline marketing will be enough. You can also gather people online with tools helping in arranging podcast but it will be far difficult to gather much people online. But all in all its depend on event type.

Winner. Tie    


7. Ideas Richness

This is something in which offline marketing have more taste. There are infinite interesting offline marketing ideas such as turning your car into mobile advert, key chains and many other things. But in online marketing you will be mostly using emails and ad spaces on websites.

Car advert

Winner. Offline marketing

So this the ultimate comparison between offline marketing and online marketing.We come to know that both modes of marketing have their own benefits which can’t be ignored. Sometimes its also depend on the nature of the product, for example when you are have a book named ‘job vs business‘ then you will be mostly targeting university students and employees of different companies and for this both marketing types will be useful because emails will be online and events and seminars will be offline and some products like “bulbs” can also score better with only offline marketing. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.