OnePlus One Review : The New Best Thing


OnePlus one might just be the best thing to have happened in the world of smart phones. This Chinese mobile is being placed right next to the likes of Motorola M8 and Google Nexus 5. With its features which are pretty similar to the M8 and Nexus 5, this phone comes in half the price. Yes half of the price M8 or Google Nexus are available for. Although the stigma of it being a China mobile is still there, but when kept it mind the features OnePlus one offers this label can be safely ignored.



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OnePlus One Review

Since OnePlus One has come across as a hit of a nature, this article therefore comprises of brief features and specifications of this phone. Which in turn is expected to help the masses decide whether or not this phone is the pick for them. There are some staggering features which accompany this phone, and could be a turn off. But when you have a look at the astonishingly low price tag, those seem pretty petty. The first and foremost thing which is a little objectionable is the availability of this phone by invite-only sort of system. This system has been adapted to provide the manufacturers some support and back up.


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Either this or you could try your luck by placing a pre-order which the company allows now and then. This invite only system might just serve to increase its retail. Another drawback which accompanies this phone is the availability in only 16 countries. Which include the likes of Austria, Canada, UK etc. The next compromise which can be observed is that this phone lacks a little in the looks department. It doesn’t have the eye glazing metallic sheen M8 boasts of, but it’s pretty reasonable to hold on to.


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Plus it has some amazing specifications and is easier to handle and manage. It’s dimensions are of 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm. It has a 5.5 inch screen which is a little bigger than both M8 and Nexus 5. It also has IPS display making the cuts seem softer and life like, it’s IPS has been developed by that very company which is responsible for the excellent display of M8. The default brightness is a little weak but tweak it up and you have the excellent bright popping images at hand. The camera comes with an LED flash and is present at the back in an oblong shape. Tiny stereo speakers can be found at the bottom of the phone.


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The only drawback in the hardware department is the SIM tray which is made up of a little cheaper looking material. As long as you don’t’ start popping the tray out now and then, OnePlus one is the perfect smart phone at economical price. It’s based on Android 4.4.4 kit kat CyanogenMod 11. CM11 is a little tricky to handle and takes some previous user knowhow. It’s available in 64GB internal storage capacity.


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All these features and many more make OnePlus one stand apart from the rest most expensive smart phones available in the market. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.