Nokia Lumia 925 – Windows Smartphone


Nokia might have been a great deal in a rather distant past when mobile phones were all about durability and catching the signal. It gave the world many good handsets. But when it comes to Smartphones, Nokia seems to lose the charm. To revive its success, Nokia has given it another shot and has released Nokia Lumia 925 – Windows Smartphone.



What’s New:

Partially Metallic Body:

The best thing about this phone is that its slim. And thickness is a key feature for the success of a Smartphone. The body is partially metallic, good thinking on the part of Nokia because its previous additions were a disappointment with plastic body. The handset is not over sized, unlike Samsung’s Mega 6.3.



Another blessing of this Smartphone is its camera which is pretty amazing. It gives 8.7 MP camera with optical image stabilization. Though the previous cameras in Nokia phones were also good but this one is better due to increased pixel density. So the phone works great for photography enthusiasts. The phone also offers complementary camera apps.


We give a thumbs down for the reduction of memory from 32 GB in Lumia 920 to 16 GB in Lumia 925. In the times when every Smartphone strives to improve the memory, Nokia thought of lightening phone a bit by reducing the memory?


What’s the Same:

Poly-carbonate Rear:

The front has turned metallic but the rear body is still poly-carbonate (plastic) but this gives you bold and loud yellow color which you might not get with a metallic body. The Smartphone still has square corners which create a little difficulty in handling the set.


It has the same screen (4.5 inches) with same resolution (1280*768) like Lumia 920. In fact Nokia Lumia 925 is pretty much similar to Lumia 920 and may be the reason is the success of Lumia 920.


It has Qualcomm, dual core 1.5 GHz processor. It has a slot for micro USB at the top. The bottom line is that Nokia Lumia 925 is a good option with nice looks, sleek body and a great camera. Few of the draw backs should be ignored owing to the smart price tag of 699 dollars. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.