Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Nokia Lumia 920 Review
Nokia Lumia 920 Review
Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Since a long time, Nokia has been a giant company in mobile phone and smartphone industry. However,
with the introduction if iOS and Android in smartphone market, Nokia’s boat has been sinking day by
day. Today, there are other companies that have become more famous than Nokia in smartphone
industry. For example; Apple, Samsung, HTC and Motorola. These are only a few names that I’m going
to take right now because in this post, we are going to review one of the best smartphones ever
introduced by Nokia. Yes, I’m talking about the Nokia Lumia 920. The handset has been in market for
a while now and though the sales of this smartphone have not gone crazy like iPhone and Samsung’s
Galaxy SIII, still the smartphone offers a great competition to these companies.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review
Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Design and build

The Nokia Lumia 920 is slightly larger and of course heavier as compared to other models that were
introduced by Nokia before. The handset is 0.4 inches thick which is quite good for handling. One thing
that I must say about his handset is that, it looks pretty nice and decent in hands.


The length of Lumia 920 is 5.1 inches and the width of handset is 2.8 inches. In Lumia 900, the USB
charger port was present at the top but in this new handset, they have moved the charger port at
bottom and I like this idea. Actually, I always wanted my Lumia 900 to have its charging port at bottom.
If you are someone who becomes desensitize of phone that he is carrying in his pocket then be ready
because 920 will keep reminding you that you have something heavy and valuable in your pocket.

Overall, the handset looks pretty impressive or at least it has been able to impress me with its design, its
look and of course with its performance. I must mention here that I’m not a big fan of Windows based
phones because I have always been using Android phone and I just love them. However, Windows based
phone is a good addition in my smartphone collection.

OS and apps

There are so many things that have been added by Nokia and Microsoft Windows in this new
smartphone. The handset comes with a latest OS i.e. Windows 8, the NFC features like tap + send, Kid’s
corner, Wallet, Office 2013, resizable live tiles, new colors, better camera and much more. There are
almost endless features of this new handset by Nokia and it has the ability to grab attention of all those
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