Nokia EOS – Specs & Features


Nokia has been on the top of the stack for a long time due to its long line of great and sturdy devices. One after another Nokia has  produced numerous great which were both beautiful and strong. This time Nokia has come up with another great device which can compete all the other top class device in the market these days.

Another great addition to the list of wonders by Nokia is new Nokia EOS, which by the looks of it is anticipated to be another big hit from this well reputed company.



The exterior of this phone is Polycarbonate and is about as thick as Lumia 920 in the middle and extensively tapered at both which will make it look like a slimmer device. In fact some critics are of the view that it will be pretty much like Lumia 920.


The biggest rumor going on around about this new device it that it 41 MP camera that was launched last year in Nokia 8080 Pureview.The lens is encased in the round housing and does not protrude much. It is equipped with a Xenon flash and a small red LED which may be a focus assists light.   The lens has an automatic lid which opens up when user turn on the camera app.

There will be a new camera app called “Nokia Pro Camera” and also a manual focus made available through another app.


The screen size is same as Lumia 920 that is 4.5”, AMOLED and of WXGA resolution. The speakers are at the bottom end of the handset which is assumed to be much lighter than the original Nokia Lumia 920.

Price and Availability

Nothing much yet declared about is availability and price but the query will be solved as soon as some more specs are leaked out.

It will take a  lot of effort by other leading companies to compete with Nokia’s new Lumia EOS because it is sturdy and stylish and the greatest point is its amazing camera which sets it apart from all other phones in the market these days. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.