Nokia To Introduce Its First Nokia Android Smartphone


Nokia was once famous for its “Symbian OS” but ever since Android and iOS devices were introduced in the market, Nokia noticed a huge drop in its market value. Recently, Nokia has been occupied by Microsoft and even before that, Nokia was focusing its efforts in producing Windows OS devices.



The news is that, we may see the first “Nokia Android Phone” in the market very soon. It is rumored in the market that Nokia is finally working on its first “Nokia Android phone“. The rumor factory hast it that Nokia is working on its first android smartphone despite being occupied by Microsoft. The directors at Nokia have finally realized that even though Windows 8 OS smartphones are a good option but they have not been able to grab the attention of buyers in market as successfully as done by Android smartphones and iOS devices. Obviously, Apple will never allow any company to use its Mobile OS so the best option available for Nokia is introducing a “Nokia Android Smartphone“.

The name of the smartphone is rumored to be “Normandy” and inside the company, it is known with different other names too. It is also rumored that this will be a low-end android device that will be using a forked version of Android OS. This could be just an experiment by Nokia but it can be assumed that Nokia can definitely win the market back by introducing Android Smartphones. The Normandy Nokia Android Smartphone will definitely be introduced in first quarter of 2014.

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