Nexus 9 : Specifications, Features and Photos


Hear the sound of Christmas carols? That’s right holiday season is here. And to remind you that the world has advanced quite a lot, tablets are here for Christmas and that too in a large variety. The latest addition to the nexus tablet family happen to be a treat, The “Nexus 9” has stormed the market with its outstanding features.



Nexus 9 :  Specifications, Features and Photos

Screen Size

The screen size is an outstanding 8.9 inches, that means only a little small than the ‘9’ in its name but we’ll estimate it to be a 9. The screen although provides a sharp HD result, with beautiful bright colors preparing a rough competition with any other tablet in the market.


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Although I did see the led back-light bleeds a little while taking photos and recording videos. This can be very distracting during we are gaming; there may be a slight problem in my model because I got this for reviewing and it’s an early model.

According to the size, The Nexus 9 is very small. Especially when compared to the iPad. Although the size makes it easier to toss around and work with as it can easily be traveled with.

Audio freaks listen closely. With the front facing stereo speaker of the Nexus 9 help you easily listen to what you want to hear without bugging anyone sitting behind the tablet.


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HTC won the race this year to design the tablet with Google, and with its beautiful design anyone can easily realize it’s an HTC product. A super solid construction with a smooth feel on the back, yes it’s plastic on the back. Like most of HTC’s phones the Nexus 9 gets its solid points for designing, although its very shameful that its phone don’t get credit for that matter.


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The back 8 megapixel HD camera and the front camera of around 1.3 megapixels is easily moderate for normal photography, although it does struggle when moving fastly or the light is low. That’s nothing new in tablets though, most tablets act this way.


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Internally there is a Tegra K1 2.3 Ghz dual-core 64-bit processor. Well, yeah if you look at it that way on paper its not really a quad core device, but as I was reviewing I found it way better than other tablets in terms of responsiveness


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The battery life lasted for about 3 days with average and moderate use, the WiFi was always on though and all my notifications were received on time.


Something that really got highlighted when I used the Nexus 9 is the WiFi range. The Nexus 9 has 802.11 ac WiFi transmitters, which takes complete advantage of the router and provides a better and faster streaming than usual. It is one huge boost from what other tablets are providing.


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There are still some apps, however, that are not perfectly optimized for tablets and/or this device, and the scaled-up versions of phone apps don’t look great. At the time of testing, the BBC News app was one example.It’s likely this will improve as more app developers adapt. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.