Next-Gen Xbox 360 Dashboard Update


Gamers, especially the Xbox freaks, get ready for the peachy grooving news. Here comes the new Xbox. Microsoft has officially unveiled the next-gen Xbox on 21st of May in Washington. Expectations are definitely high as we all know how exceptional it is and how awesomely it has beautified our leisure time.

img New Console

Changes are always pleasing and the creative changes have no match and are definitely appreciated by the end-users. Microsoft is planning to sweep rather change the Xbox dashboard UI and tile changes for the new console.



The rumours say that this new Xbox will be even lighter in weight and will be darker in colour but of course, all this is unofficial yet. Light and dark themes for dashboard would be experienced.

Moreover, one can stay connected to his old Xbox 360’s friends even after being shifted to the new console. The source would be the achievements, beacons and messaging. Features like video playing and linked TV are also included.



Again, coming back to the appearance of this next-gen Xbox, a source revealed that this time, console will be denser plus smaller and the controllers will be somehow flattened looking.


An Xbox 360 dashboard update is expected to enter beta at the end of this June or may be at the starting of the July which may open the path for this new Xbox next-gen console.

Well, all we have to do is to wait for tomorrow so that we can make up our minds for this new device. Keep playing Xbox till then. Gamers are going to play anyway.


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