25 Most Mysterious Place in the World 2020

There are many places in the world that are still undiscovered and there are also some places that has some unsolved mysteries. There is still so much to learn about the ancient world. There are still some unanswered questions. Science may have answered many of the question for about everything that happens in this world but they are some mysteries which are unsolved. Our world is surprising us since the birth of mankind. Every corner of the world has some unanswered questions.


Today, we have made a list of Most Mysterious Place in the World. These place also catches the eye of tourist and many tourists visit these places yearly to see the beauty of nature and nurture. Earth is home of many mysterious and strange places. Some of these places are so strange that it is hard to believe that they exist. There are hundreds of mysterious places in this world but we have selected 25 most mysterious places. Some of these places are historical places and some are the creation of nature but both types of places are strange and mysterious.

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25 Most Mysterious Place in the World 2020

1. Blood Falls

Blood Falls is located on the continent of Antarctica. People, also it a bleeding glacier because of the colour of its waterfall. The water is red because of the iron oxide-tainted plume of saltwater.


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2. Ship Rock

Ship Rock is located in New Mexico. The height of this peak is 1,583 feet. It is named after the town of Shiprock which lies about 10.75 miles away from the peak.


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3. Richat Structure

Richat Structure also known as the Eye of Africa. It is located in the large country of Africa Mauritania in Sahara Desert. People called it eye because it looks like a giant blue eye looking up from the earth.


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4. Roopkund Lake

Roopkund lake is located in Uttarakhand state of India. The lake is famous because hundreds of human skeletons were found near this lake and they are still there. People also called it Lake of Skeleton.


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5. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is located in Atlantic ocean. Whatever goes there has never come back. Some people says that it happens because of high magnetic field at this place but no one is sure about this. It is located between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.


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6. Christ of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss is the statue located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the region of Italy. The statue height is 2.50 meters. It was built by Guido Galletti.


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7. Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines are situated in Peru. It includes figures of animals and plants. In the picture below, the figure of parrot and an astronaut has been drawn. The lines were found in 1994.


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8. Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica is the miscellaneous collection of 300 spherical rocks located in Costa Rica. Many people from around the world come there too see these wonderful rocks.


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9. Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni Monument was founded in Japan. It is located underwater. The formation of this monument is very amazing. A Japanese diver founded this monument in 1986.


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10. Sailing Stones

Sailing Stones also are known as moving rocks are found in California’s foreboding Death Valley. These stones move their position without any mean. They move their own. It only happens when no one is looking at them.


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11.The Ik-Kil Cenote

The Ik-Kil Cenote is located in Mexico. Many people come to this well for swimming but they don’t know nothing about this well. This well was used by Mayan where young men and women were thrown and were drown to sacrifice to the god.


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12.The Golden Horn Beach

The Golden Horn Beach also known as Zlatni Rat is a beach located in Croatia. The beach is in this list because its tip changes its structure depending upon the waves.


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13. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is located in Turkey. The landscape consists of 17 natural pools which are warm because of calcium carbonate deposits. These natural hot pools are more than thousand years old.


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14. The Stone Forest

Stone Forest is the formation of limestone rocks located in China. The stone forest is spread over 400 square kilometres. The forest includes both large and small stones.


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15. Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is a desert-like salt flat. It is spread over 11000 square kilometre. It is like a giant mirror because of water and salt.


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16. Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is located in China. It is the 71-meter tall statue. It is hard to believe that a man had built this statue without the use of any machinery.


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17. Underwater Park

The underwater park is located in Austria. The park only gets underwater when the glacier melts, the green lake water floods and submerges everything that is around the lake.


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18. Door To Hell

Door to hell is situated in Turkmenistan. It was founded 42 years ago when geologists were drilling for natural gas.


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19. Rapa Nui Statues

Rapa Nui statues are the statues of Rapa Nui people located in Easter Island of Chile. It is one of the most inhabitant islands in the world. Many people from around the world visit this island to see these statues.


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20. Shehr-e-Roghan

Shehr-e-Roghan is located in the province Baluchistan of Pakistan. Shehr-e-Roghan is a city of cave which is spread over 2-3 KM. All of these caves are man-made.


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21. Makli Graveyard

Makli Graveyard is one of the graveyards exist of ancient people with 125,000 graves in it. It is located in Pakistan. It is also known as silent city of graves.


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22. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is located in Brazil. It is the most unique mountain in the world. Its top peak is like a plateau and the other part is look like a mountain.


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23. Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser is located in the United States. It is a formation of three colourful geysers that were accidentally created during the drilling work in 1916.


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24. Moguicheng Desert

Moguicheng desert is located in China. People have heard a lot of mysterious voices while travelling from this desert. It is also known as “The city of the devil”.


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25. Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales is a river located in Colombia. It is the world’s most beautiful and colourful river.


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