Mozilla celebrating 8th Birthday of its Firefox browser

Mozilla celebrating 8th Birthday of its Firefox browser

So how many of you have used Firefox browser? Well, almost everyone who has been using internet since at least one year has used Firefox. I have used Firefox for two consecutive years. I was a big fan of Firefox but now I’m not. Still, there is something to cheer about Firefox today and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish a very happy 8th Birthday to our loved browser aka Mozilla Firefox. It was November 9, 2004 when Mozilla had launched their web browser for the first time. You must be thinking that 8 years is not a long time but my friend when you consider 8 internet years, it is a long way to go. So many things have happened in these 8 years and still, so many other things are happening every day. It feels nice to know that I have used a browser that is celebrating its 8th birthday today and it has witnessed things changing.

Mozilla celebrating 8th Birthday of its Firefox browser
Mozilla celebrating 8th Birthday of its Firefox browser

“We had the audacity to believe that we could change things. We believed that a community of people who understood the power of the Web, and who put people above profits, could build something amazing,” writes Johnathan Nightingale, Vice President of Firefox Engineering. “Today, on Firefox’s 8th birthday, we’re proud to say that our mission hasn’t changed, but the Web has. These days, hundreds of millions of people trust Firefox with their online lives and they encourage their friends and family to do the same. We still put people first and, with the support of our Firefox fans, we drive the Web towards openness and interoperability.”
“its hard work,” adds Nightingale. “But in the last year, Firefox has gotten faster, more secure, friendlier to use and more fun to personalize. We’ve also brought the speed and power of Firefox to millions of smartphone users with Firefox for Android. In the next year, we’re going to take Firefox even further.”
Nightingale links to the original Firefox 1.0 press release, if you want to take a trip down memory lane. Here’s a sample:


The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet, today announced the worldwide availability of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser. Development of Firefox has been driven by a desire for a more robust, user-friendly and trustworthy web experience. Mozilla Firefox 1.0 arrives on the heels of last month’s highly successful Preview Release that over eight million people downloaded, contributing significantly to the final phase of its open source development.

Today’s announcement marks the worldwide launch of Mozilla Firefox-with immediate availability for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux-as a free download from and by CD from the Mozilla Store. Firefox is now available in over a dozen languages, with many more on the way.

“We are delighted to be announcing this major milestone for the Mozilla Foundation and for the Firefox browser, which has been made possible thanks to the tireless effort of hundreds of community volunteers and developers around the world,” commented Mitchell Baker, president of the Mozilla Foundation. “Now millions more will be able to enjoy a better web experience.”

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