Moto X – Splashes With Magical Gorilla Glass and Aluminium Sheet


The gadget world is progressing with a fast pace bringing innovation and novelty with every tick of clock.   The magical world leaves the costumers bewildered and puzzled with infinite options. It has therefore become customary to go through technical blogs and review prior to demands that one should choose wisely and carefully among the crop of smart phones.


Moto X is going to be announced soon on coming Thursday in New York. Many titbits have leaked out regarding the upcoming lime light. It seems that if the deluge of reports regarding the Motorola X is not going to stop.  Some of the news reveal specifications regarding its physical features, benchmark results and camera interface.

Magical Gorilla Glass Sheet

Recently, a new detail has popped up in its specification sheet. According to the latest reports, the Moto X is going to have Gorilla Glass covering the phone’s face. It will form a nearly seamless gap with a rear shell and wrap around Motorola X’s sides. The company is going to call it as “Magic Glass” considering it special enough.  The covering will make the phone tough and strong.

Aluminium Lamination

The released specifications also claim that a laminated aluminium structure is provided for the upcoming Moto X making it even further tougher and stronger as well as light weight.

The technologists believe that magical Gorilla Glass sheet and aluminium frame lamination will make Moto X exclusive. However the future of the new launch will depend upon its capability of attracting the costumers and grabbing their attraction when it appears on market shelves.

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