Moto G Price $179 Hits Market Shelves Soon in US


The rumors for “low cost Moto G” from Motorola Mobility were making round in the market for quite a time now and it seems they couldn’t wait longer to introduce the device in US market. On Tuesday, “Moto G went on sales in US” and guess what, this phone “Moto G Price $179” and that is without a contract.



Initially, Motorola had planned to introduce Moto G in the market by January 2014 but this launch has taken many people by surprise. According to CEO of Motorola Dennis Woodside, the demand of the low cost phone has been great in overseas market and that is the main reason why they had to come up with a surprise launch of this phone. Since the phone is launched in the end of November, Motorola will be able to take a great advantage of sales season coming ahead.


The CEO also stated that they are always looking towards a big quarter but by introducing this phone before the start of new year, Motorola will be in a better position to capture the market.


We all know about Moto X which is definitely one of the best smartphone introduced by Motorola so far and it is also considered among “top 5 smartphones of 2013” as well. Moto G is the low cost brother of Moto X and it is expected to carry the legacy of its elder brother that costs a lot.


With a high demand in overseas market, it is expected that “Moto G” will see more sales as compared to Moto X but it is just the matter of time. In a few weeks, the entire story will become clear for everyone in the world.


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