Most Interesting Facts About Pinterest


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:53 am


Today pinterest is one of the top social networking websites in the world. Its users are of all the types. Today we will tell our visitors some special facts about pinterest. These facts will include a lot of knowledge for our readers. Facts about everything are special, entertaining and amazing too. Whenever you find some interesting facts about anything you amaze for some time. For example if we tell you a interesting thing about apple which is the leading electronics company in the world that it changed it’s logo design and color couple ( approx 3 times ) then you will be amazed for some time that leading company changes it’s logo too many times. If you did not amazed on the first example then here is the second one which 100% guaranteed. You know when Google Inc which is the top company on the internet had made a mistake at the starting of their project. All of us know that there is no Goolge like word in dictionary but there is “Goggle” and the company wants to register this name but by mistake they registered expect Now today I’m also presenting you such type of facts about pinterest, so I think now we shall begin talking about top unknown facts about pinterest.

78% are female users

This is the most interesting fact about pinterest that about 785 of the users of pinterest are females. When pinterest started some years ago then the users of the pinterest were females and till now this is the state of females. To experiment this just check the most followed personalities on pinterest when you check their profiles, you will see that most of the users are females. The remaining 22% of the users are male members on pinterest. So, pinterest is the girls’ thing.

Most Famous Gadget is iPad

This is another interest fact about pinterest that the most famous gadget among pinterest users is iPad. I think big screen is mostly like by the girls and the apple logo too. The second most used gadget by pinterest users is Android Smartphone. This could the first if male members are big number then females. Another interesting thing is that iPhone comes at number 3 three in the list of most used gadget by pinterest users. This fact about pinterest is quite interesting I don’t know why iPad is at first position if anyone of you knows the reason then kindly comment it below. About 55% of users of pinterest use iPad, 26% use Android devices and 17% use iPhone to open pinterest on it.

The most famous Mobile Network

This is also a quite interesting fact about pinterest that the most famous network among pinterest users is “Verizon”. As most of the users of pinterest are from USA that’s why verizon is the most used mobile network among pinterest users. Verizon is the leading mobile network in USA and that might be the reason behind this fact.

So, that are the some interesting facts about pinterest hope you like them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.