Most Important Facebook Features

Most Important Facebook Features

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:36 pm

As the technology is advancing on daily basis or perhaps hourly bases it is quite hard to the track of it. People get lost in the technology world as they somehow fail to keep track of things. The technology being introduced these days is surely to help people; for greater convenience obviously. Well, it is in so much quantity that we fail to analyze the purpose of those features. Well, you will find it quite useful what you will discover in this article. I’m not sure that either you are aware of these features or not.

Most Important Facebook Features
Most Important Facebook Features

First Feature

it has been introduced recently that people intend to forward massages in their account are simply provided with the features of forwarding messages. It is not necessary anymore that one should copy the whole text and paste it again in the new message and then send it. Everyone is aware that it is much of a hassle as it is a lot of work and does not prove to be much of convenience. So the feature provides an easy forwarding option in your profile. You just simply have to go to “Action Button”—–>”Forward”. So it is not as difficult as the previous method everyone used to avoid. As much convenience is being offered in every other field of technology facebook also offer you the convenience you require.

Second Feature

Another problem people are using their profile is the contact list. It does not seem appropriate that everyone in your profile or friend list can explore your personal information and other stuff. So for these particular private issues facebook provides plenty of options from which one can restrict the friends in the list of exploring files.

Whenever a person adds you, a caption is displayed by the software “add to list”. Facebook provides few lists in which one can categories like family, friends and acquaintances. By this feature one can restrict people from viewing your profile info.

Third Feature

Have you ever thought that how your profile looks like when anyone else tries to view it. Particularly we do not really think about it. Most of the time we are concerned with the latest activity that is being taking place. Facebook also provides this feature of viewing your own profile. Go to “Activity Log” and select “View As” a window will appear that ask you to “enter a friend’s name”. All you will have to do is to enter the friend’s name and then you will be able to see that how your profile is viewed to another when they access your profile.

If you have not come across these little features that Facebook have included in their software try them and you will find them quite helpful. Certainly it will help you lot to come over the very usual problems you are facing in your Facebook account.

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