Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:36 pm

For a long time, I had believed that Microsoft will definitely come up with a tablet version of their PC and here they are now. Finally, we have Microsoft Surface with Windows RT in market. In this post, I will not be discussing the need or importance of having this tablet PC but I will be reviewing it in front of you guys.


Microsoft Surface Tablet


One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, it is not that easy to make a tablet that looks different from hundreds of other tablets that are already available in the market. However, when you will take a look at Microsoft’s Surface Tablet, you will realize that they have put a lot of effort in making a unique design. Not only that the hardware design is a little bit different but the visual display of its features is also awesome.

There is certain inclination in the design of the tablet that makes it very easy to carry it with one hand. You must have used tablets with 9” or 10” screen but the display screen of this tablet is slightly bigger, 10.6 inches. The resolution of the screen is 1366×768 pixels which is lower as compared Apple’s iPad. The device looks great and you will definitely enjoy using it regardless of the fact whether you like Microsoft’s products or not.


The first time when Microsoft had revealed their plan to come up with Surface for Windows RT, nothing had been said about the screen resolution of display characteristics of the tablet. However, we were expecting it to have some great graphical features. It turns out that the screen resolution of the Surface tablet is just 1366×768 pixels which is not that bad but below expectations. One thing that must be mentioned here is that, an image quality is not only dependent on the resolution but there are many other factors involved in this issue. Once you will take a look at the display screen of Surface Tablet, you will be amazed because the images look super cool and real in this tablet.

Performance and Battery Life

Microsoft has equipped Surface for RT with 2GB of RAM and also a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra T30 chip. The high speed processor and a good RAM memory, equips this tablet to perform its functions very smoothly and provide its users with a good experience. However, Tegra 3 is a powerful processor technology that can easily handle the UI of windows RT and its tile style display as well. On startup, the tablet can boot in just 25 seconds and opening any app is not a problem at all. The response to tapping and swiping of fingers was flawless and it was also observed that, once you try opening an app, tablets responds very quickly.

The overall performance of the tablet is really great as it offers amazing features to its users. The processing speed is very fast, display characteristics are mind blowing and what not. Is there anything you would like to say about this tablet? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments section below. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.