Messageme Chat App


Along with the increasing trend to own new and efficient smart-phones, the urge to download various apps is also tremendously increased. Now-a-days, if you don’t use new and frequently used apps to keep in touch with friends, you are considered a lot steps behind the fast era.

Messaging is one of the most important and widely used services used by cell phone users. With the introduction of smart-phones that can be connected to Wi-Fi routers, it is a new trend to use Internet based messaging apps. There are a lot of apps popular these days for messaging just like whatsapp, viber, tango etc. with all such worldwide accepted apps, Messageme app is really appreciable for making its place among popular apps.


It was launched in 2013.

Its salient features are discussed below.


It’s entirely free. All you need is an internet Wi-Fi connection that you can connect your smart-phone with.

Message/Voice Message

Obviously, it is replacement for text messages, so you definitely can send text messages. Voice messages can also be sent.


It offers different Packages. Packages allow users to interact with people in a more real way. Users can express in a better way. The Package Toolbar lets you go through the packages. Some of the packages offered are Picture, Doodle, Video, Music, Location, Sticker, Money etc.


Share the Rythm

You can send Music via Music feature available in MessageMe app.

Share the Moments

You can send photos via Packages toolbar.

The Video button situated in package toolbar allows you to send videos. You can send videos from Youtube, by choosing already existing video in your phone memory, and by capturing a video right at the time when you want to send it.

Be Global

Sending your current location is also offered by MessageMe. You can share your trips and visits with your friends by sending them your current location.

Stay Safe

The messages and data shared through this plat-form is entirely safe and cannot be accessed by some third party.


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