Mac Book Air Pro Specs


When we say Apple you should not think of the red or green juicy one but the silver one with one bite, the one that is a symbol of quality and luxury. The same Apple has released a revised version of Mac Book Air. Previously there was a lot of hassle about the display of Mac Book Air. It turned out that rumors of retina display were false after all. But soon Apple released the retina display version called Mac Book Air Pro.




As mentioned before this ultra-book has retina display – for which everyone was waiting. The pro version comes with a resolution of 2560*1600 pixels which is much much better than the previous installment. Now you get to use all those cool apps which function with retina display. It gives you great contrast and sharp images.


Body and Design:

Mac Book Air Pro comes in three sizes: 11 inches, 13 inches and also 15 inches. Mac Book Air did not have the 15 inches model. Pro is a little heavier but the basic aluminum body is the same. It has a black keyboard on silver chassis and a super smooth touch pad. Well we didn’t expect any changes in it, it is Apple after all. Mac Book Pro has two USB slots, one SDXC card slot and two thunderbolt ports in comparison with one thunderbolt port in the previous version.


Performance and Other Features:

Mac Book Air Pro comes with 2.5 GHz Intel core i5 processor and has a memory of 128 GB. It has a 8 GB RAM. Though the RAM of pro is greater than the 4 GB in the Air, but the Haswell Chip in the Air is certainly a better option. Pro’s battery lasts for approximately seven hours, which is a little less than Air’s eleven hours battery. This is also a gift of Haswell chip fourth generation processor.



This ultra-book comes with a price tag of $ 1499 for 13 inches screen.

The major change that Apple has brought is the price. But if you are dying for Retina Display than you might not mind shaking 400 extra dollars for Pro version. Otherwise Mac Book Air is great in itself. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.