Love + Food = Romantic Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine's Day

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:57 pm

Love is in the air! As valentine’s week is going on, people while giving roses and chocolates to their loved ones are making plans for the VALENTINES DAY! Everyone has their own plan and way of celebrating this special day. People tend to show their love and affection to their partners in a more special way on this day than on any other regular day. Well the idea of celebrating the Valentine’s Day in the most exclusive way possible is the most adorable of them all.

Romantic Valentine's Day
Romantic Valentine’s Day

People have different plans, some include watching a romantic movie with their partners, some include going out of town and holiday, and some might include partying but having a nice candle light dinner with soft music playing in the background would be the choice for majority. However, women tend to have this urge more than men. So being a good partner a man must fulfill this particular wish of their partner.

Make The Choice Of Cuisine

Most restaurants provide with discounts and special benefits for the couples on this day. Of course it is their marketing strategy but in the end it is indeed very effective. For people buy it. However, one must choose the restaurants very carefully, for most of them are crowded and hence might not render a quick service. The choice is totally yours, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Italian or Thai. It might be anything. But there are some common attributes that is present in every place and of which one must take good care of. A restaurant with a subtle yet distinctive embellishment would be just the place for a couple. A soft ambiance with dimmed lights but not shady enough would be perfect with a soft music, in the background.

The Starters

One can start with a perfect red wine for it is a symbol of aristocracy and love at once. Starters might include something spicy to go with the wine but not too heavy for it might spoil the main course and eventually the evening. Crispy honey chilly potato, chilly cheese toast, or just some cream vegetable salad would suffice your need.

The “Main” Course

Main course on this day is always tricky to choose. However, if you are in a Chinese restaurant then Shanghai or Cantonese pan-fried noodles is a must try. Also if you have the urge to eat something spicy and livid, vegetables cooked in black bean sauce or baby corn cooked in coconut milk with a touch of creamy curry would be something you wouldn’t want to miss. Indian Mughlai cuisines are the best anyways in the Indian restaurants with heavy, oily but delicious curry. To go with it, Roomali Rotis or butter naan would be great.

End It Up With A Desert

Dessert must include chocolates. Hey! It’s Valentine’s Day! Chocolates are all about love, passion and happiness. Trust me, chocolates makes a woman happy more than a man does. But anyways, having a chocolate Soufflé or a dark chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce is just the best end to a perfect evening.

The evening need not end with the meal, of course it can be followed by a little dancing to the soft music or it might as well be followed by a long drive with nice music playing in the car or just going home and relaxing. But whatever it might be, the day of love should definitely be filled completely with lots of LOVE!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.