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Facebook App Alternative Android - Spatio

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

One of the common characteristics of Facebook fans is that, they hate so many things about this social network but at the same time, they are addicted to it. It is really difficult to accept the side effects of something that has become essential for your life. However, being a Facebook I find no shame in stating that I really don’t like the official Facebook app. Not only that, I don’t also like the official app for Twitter too. However, I will just focus on Facebook right now because I have finally found a really good replacement for official Facebook app when it comes to Android OS. The name of this app is “Spatio”.


Getting Started

The first thing that you will notice after logging into your Facebook account in Spatio is that, this app and its user interface looks a lot different than the official Facebook UI. That is the main reason why I really liked this app. It offers a fresh and new experience for Facebook users. You will be seeing the same content shared by your friends on Facebook but in a different way and that is the most refreshing thing about this app. Your Facebook will lose its Time-Line obsession and all the posts will be presented to you in a card like manner.

Facebook App Alternative Android - Spatio
Facebook App Alternative Android – Spatio
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Just on the left side of your News Feed, you will find your personal menu where you can see your display picture and also change it.

Just swipe on the left side and the app will take you to a page from where you can access your Profile, Wall, Messages, Photos, Groups, Pages and Friends etc. I must say that the presentation way of this app is really cool and I have fallen in love with the UI of this app so far. Exploring your profile and taking a look at your pictures in this app is really a refreshing experience because everything looks different and new.

Spatio for Facebook comes to Android
Spatio for Facebook comes to Android

Dark Theme

Personally, I’m bored with light blue and white layout of Facebook and it is not appealing to me anymore. That is the main reason why I like the layouts offered by Spatio for Facebook. You can select different themes but I personally like the dark theme. This theme makes everything clear in front of you. You can take a look at everything in detail and determine what you want to do. The pictures look clearer as compared to official Facebook app and finding controls is also very easy too.

Spatio for Facebook comes to Android
Spatio for Facebook comes to Android

Something is Missing

One thing that you should keep in your mind about Spatio is that, it is an alternative to Facebook App not The Facebook. There are several TimeLine features of Facebook that are not yet added in this app. However, you should not worry about them because in future updates, those features will also be added in the app. At that time, this app will become a real killer in the market.

Have you tried any Facebook alternative app in Android so far? How was your experience? If there is something special, don’t forget to share with us.

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