Little Bunny – Hide and Seek HD Game For iOS Users

Little Bunny for iPad

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:01 am

If you are an iPad user and you have been searching for an interactive app that can be used to entertain children then Little Bunny is a wonderful choice. This game has got a lot of things to offer from adventures to sweet stories. The main concept of this game is that, the Little Bunny wants to play hide and seek with you. As the game will start, the Little Bunny will hide from you and you will have to find that bunny within given time. The most important thing about this game is that, you will not just be searching for Little Bunny but on the way, you will meet many different friends of bunny as well. They will tell you interesting and surprising stories as you are exploring for the bunny game for ios users. This is basically a book that has been designed for children and now it is available on app store.


About the Developer

There is something that you must know about the director of this beautiful app. The person behind this app has previously introduced many great applications like iGlowstick, Run Bob Run, Primal Plant Attack, and 3D Logic under the banner of spielwerk. However, this time she has come up with her own solo project called Little Bunny and it is specially developed for children and their amusement.

Little Bunny for iPad / game for ios users
Little Bunny for iPad / game for ios users

Lots of fun for little explorers!

One thing that I can say with surety after using this app is that, there is a lot of fun for little explorers. The mind of small children is usually searching for details into the objects and this book app provides the same opportunity to your children. I’m sure that your children will love using this app as they will be learning many interesting things on their way while searching for little bunny. The app has been introduced for iPad only because children can learn more on a bid HD screen. The iPhone and iPad app may be available in future but for the time being, you can only read this Little Bunny Hide and Seek HD on an iPad. When you were a child, you used to read books with a lot of pictures that described the entire story but time has changed now and today’s children love to read such books with visualization effects on devices like iPad etc.

Cool Animation

One thing that I really liked about this app was its cool animation. The characters have been designed with great detail and you can easily learn many new things while using this app. The book has got a description for everything that happens on the screen and it really helps the children increase their vocabulary and improve their grammar. There are many aspects of this app that cannot be described in one single app, unfortunately.

Another thing that you will notice in this app is its cool user interface. It is really easy to use so your children may not need your supervision while using this app as they will eventually find their way around the Little Bunny Book HD. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.