List Of Top 30 Tumblr Themes To Spice Your Tumblr Blog – Part 2


Last updated November 18th, 2014 at 08:52 pm

This is the second part of the ultimate list of top 3o tumblr themes to spice your tumblr blog with amazing a good looking designs. In the list previous to it we have discussed top themes from 20 to 30 and now in this list of top tumblr themes we will show you top tumblr themes from 11 to 20, So you have to wait to the next list to know the first one. These themes include all types of themes having all types of features and also have different designing, some have to sidebars some have on the right and some have on the left only. Some are very good for SEO and some are very useful for pictures blog and some are very good for magazine style blog and lot in this list.

Top 30 Tumblr Themes
Top 30 Tumblr Themes

20: Headline

Headline is a very attractive theme for tumblr blogs for those people who want to run a multipurpose blog. There are two side bars one on the right side and other one on the left side and content area is in middle of them. This is very simple but can be modified easily according your own taste but the entire theme is very good for SEO. This theme is available in tumblr’s theme market so it can be installed on to your blog with just a single click.


19: Scaffold

Scaffold is also a very simple theme but its very useful for pictures and videos blog. The look is great and beautiful. There is only one side bar in this theme which is at left side. This side bar remains constant and does not move with the content. Content is showed in two rows oppositely. This theme could be a perfect choice for your pictures and videos only tumblr blog.

18: The Fisherman’s Friend

As tumblr is the place of creative artists who share their art piece on these tumblr blog. So, this theme also give a look like creative art. Background of the theme is a picture of a old man wearing hat on his head and its look like he is walking in the ocean that’s why this theme is named The fisherman’s friend. The content area is in the middle which moves smoothly.

17: It’s the interweb

Its the Interweb! this is the perfect theme for the music blog, usually the themes of some popular blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger have good looks and good range of themes but this tumblr theme shows that tumblr also have some good stuff in terms of designing. The look is very smart and as told earlier this is the perfect theme or music blog just check the demos on the theme preview page.

16: Organ

Another amazing piece of art by a web developer its a very attractive and creative type of tumblr theme. Post and pictures are shown in a very different style like other themes of all types. This theme could be useful of style blog. The combination of different colors really makes the theme very attractive.

 15: Royal Ribbon

Royal ribbon is another perfect and attractive tumblr theme. The attractive design of this theme looks very cool. The attractive buttons really give a great look. There is no side bar, only content area is there in the middle of the theme. But there is non moveable top bar which remains there. This theme is available in tumblr theme market so it can be downloaded with a single click easily.

14: Fluid

This is another amazing design from an amazing designer. Sharing buttons are perfect designed. Simply by moving the cursor on the status image of the post, social networking buttons appears, from them you can simply share the post to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Designing looks like transparent which add in the beauty of the theme that’s why it has been given the name fluid.

13: Tumble desk

Tumble desk is another simple tumblr theme which no side bars, there is only a content bar in the middle of the theme. On the top there is a header which shows college photo of the different things used in routine life.

12: Panda Classic Recycled

Panda Classic Recycled is a very simple theme. With only content area in the middle of the theme. Combination of different colors make it very simple and attractive. There are some panda pictures in the theme that’s why it is called panda classic recycled theme.

11: Transparent theme

Here is another transparent tumblr theme from the designer Hunson who have designed a lot of the tumble themes for the tumblr users. Blue contrast with other colors gives a theme great look. Date, comments and number of notes are shown on the left side and description of the author and menu is shown in the right side of the theme.

So, this is the part two of the ultimate list of the top 30 tumblr themes to spice your tumblr blog. Next and last part of the theme will published tomorrow which will show you more beautiful tumblr themes, I hope you like it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.