List Of Top 30 Pinners Ruling Pinterest – Part 1

List Of Top 30 Pinners Ruling Pinterest

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:52 am

Pinterest is everything just because of its users who share lovely content on it and attract more to it. Now after the list of top 30 pinterest pins today we are going to present you the list top 30 pinners. Now pinterest is getting over 30 millions hits a day and number users it have is 23 millions approximately. But there are some users which are base of pinterest, who have a lot of followers, who are sharing most unique content, who are sharing, health tips, decor tips, house hold tips, smartphones hacks, gardening tips and tricks and most importantly who are sharing info graphics for which pinterest is known. So, here is the ultimate list of top 30 pinners and this is part 1 of it.

List Of Top 30 Pinners Ruling Pinterest
List Of Top 30 Pinners Ruling Pinterest

30: Chic Vintage Brides

The 30th rank is for chic vintage brides who got 36,76,984 followers on pinterest which looks really cool. Chic vintage Brides is not the name of any person, its the title name of a wedding niche blog, who shares pictures of wedding dress, weeding tips, wedding photography, wedding cards and pictures of wedding jewelry and others things related to wedding. Chic wedding Brides have shared 6799 pins and it have 108 pin boards in its profile and its following  347 other profiles on the pinterest. This account belongs to a website and location of the account is New Zeeland.

29: Nordstrom

Nordstrom is ranked 29th among all the great pinners in this list. Nordstrom is also the profile designed for a website named This blog is related to fashion and its also a online fashion store which deals in latest fashion products. In this profile they share their products to increase their audience. Nordstrom got 37,01,387 followers on its pinterest profile. This profile has created 64 boards and have pinned 2874 pins. This profile is following 1578 other pinterest profiles.

28: Irene Turner

This profile is also connected to a website This profile is related to interior design pins and the website is also related to interior designing. They also promote their products through their pinterest profile because they have a huge number of audiences approximately they have 37,10274 followers for their pinterest profile, this number is very close to the number of followers of the account above. They manage 92 boards and they have pinned 36102 pins to these boards yet. The number of profiles which they are following is 751.

27: Mrs. French

Finally here comes the profile, which is not directly for a website to promote their product because this is the profile which is created by a blogger (sorry again linking to a blog but I have to) and sometimes a photographer according to the profile. The website which is linked to this pinterest profile is There 37,40,394 other profiles which are following this profile. The number of pin boards and pin pinned by this profile are 64 and 18773 respectively.

26: Wedding Chicks

`Again a profile related to wedding niche is here. As its name shows that this profile shares content related to wedding but not only wedding related content it also share home decor tips and tricks and other useful tips for women. This profile is also connected to a website which is also related to wedding type of content. They have 37,53,331 folowers on their pinterest profile. They have 63 pin boards and they have pinned 7032 pictures on that pin boards and they are following 809 other pinterest profiles.

25: Mike D

Mike is the first male person in this list of top pinners. He is a social networking geek only. He got 38,15,504 followers on pinterest. He is managing 38 pin boards and have pinned 6554 pins on to them yet. He mostly shares pictures from around the web of all types. He is following only 97 profiles on pinterest.

24: Christine Kysely

And here is the first profile in this list which is titled by the name of any person. Christine is a blogger, poet, writer and citizen of world according to her profile. She got a huge number of the followers 38,26,938 and also have made 1377 boards with 100,000 pins which seems really cool. In return Christine is following only 168 other profiles on the pinterest.

23: Marina Castilla

Marina Castilla is on the 23 rank in this list of top 30 pinners ruling pinterest. She loves nature. animals and our planet (Earth). She is very passionate about animals and humans rights according to her profile. She also got a huge fan following on pinterest, She have 38,64,830 followers on her pinterest profile. Mostly importantly she has not attached any website to her pinterest profile. She is managing 51 pin boards and have pinned 11,790 pictures on them. In return she is following only 569 profiles.

22: Joseph Knoop

Usually it is considered that pinterest is girls thing but this also have manged to beat some top female pinners in this list. Because this male have managed to get 39,75,039 followers on his pinterest profile. He is managing 96 pin boards and have shared 6486 pins yet for his followers there. He has also not attached any web URL with his pinterest account and he is following only 90 other profiles in pinterest.

21: Rachel Turnbull

This profile is at 21 rank in this list of top 30 pinners. Rachel usually likes to read books, watching movies, visiting garden and Museums. Rachel got 40,63,170 followers on his pinterest profile. Rachel in is return following only 187 other pinterest profiles. Rachel is managing 46 pin boards and have pinned 13274 pins onto these boards.

So this is the part 1 of the list of top 30 pinners ruling pinterest. You will find the most followed profile in part 3 so be in touch. Hope you like this stuff and never forget to comment.

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