List Of 5 Websites To Translate Between Popular Languages

babylon translator
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Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

Sometimes you could not find information in our local language but we do in international language like English. But what if you don’t know international language or any other language which is providing you the required knowledge. Usually that time you have some options like hiring a translator or finding any tool to translate that stuff into your language. When it comes to the tools than we also have some other options like using some translating tools available on some websites to translate between the languages. Today we are going to list 5 websites to translate between popular languages.


1. Google Translate

Everyone knows about Google translate and people also admire it as one of the powerful translating tool online. Google translator is not only available for the computer users but Google translate also have mobile apps. Phones which have Google translate app are iOS devices and android phones. But other phone users can also use Google translate because Google translate website also have a mobile optimized version as all of the Google products do. One amazing thing about Google translate is that all of the popular local, national and international languages are available at Google translate. It does not only translate between the popular languages but people can also listen to the pronunciation of all of the words and sentences translated there.

Google translate - websites to translate
Google translate

2. Bing translator

Bing translator is another best online tool to translate between many languages. Unlike Google translate, Bing translate is only available for windows phone and desktop applications. But it have many other useful features, like translation widget for websites, translate for PC, for bing bar and for webmasters. Bing translate have less language options than Google translate but those are enough to meet the needs of people. Websites like Facebook also use Bing translate to let their users translate statuses published in other languages than English.

Bing translation
Bing translation

3. PROMT – Free Online Translator

PROMT free translator is another best tool to get quality translation services. Although  it have less options than Bing and Google translate but have some great features and its also known for its quality. There are 7 language options are available at PROMT online translator, that are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

PROMT online translation
PROMT online translation
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4. Paralink Web translation

This is another best website which offer quality translation services. It also offer Firefox extension, plugin for Chrome, Internet explorer and also offer translator widget for Websites. There are 65 languages available there on Paralink Web translation, Asian languages like Chinese and Urdu are also available at Paralink Web translation. They also offer Text to speech and dictionaries in different languages.

Paralink Translator - websites to translate
Paralink Translator

5. Translation by babylon – Websites to translate

Translation by babylon is another well known tool to translate between different languages. Translation in 30 different Asian, European and African languages are available at babylon translation. Human conservation translation and dictionaries are also available there.

babylon translator
babylon translator

So, this is the list of 5 websites to translate between popular languages. All these websites offer different translation tools and options, like website widgets, human conservation translation, dictionaries, mobile apps and some other useful features. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more interesting and useful stuff.

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