List Of 30 Top Pinners Ruling PInterest – Part 3

List Of 30 Top Pinners Ruling PInterest - Part 3
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:08 pm

This is the third and last part of the ultimate list of the top 30 pinners ruling Pinterest. The sections earlier we have discussed the top pinterest users from 21-30 in the first list and from 11-20 in the second list, now we are going to discuss top pinterest users from 1-10. There top pinners are the most popular personalities on the pinterest and the most profiles are connected to websites mostly related to fashion niche but there are some profiles which are not connected any blog or website but they are few. Another interesting thing in this list top 30 pinners ruling pinterest is that most profiles are of girls as this fact is very popular that pinterest is a girls’ thing. So, whatever it is now we are discussing top pinterest users, following they are.

List Of 30 Top Pinners Ruling PInterest - Part 3
List Of 30 Top Pinners Ruling PInterest – Part 3


10: Christine Martinez

Christine Martinez is from Canada and is a fashion blogger and designer. She runs a website named where she do fashion blogging. She got a huge number of followers on pinterest which are 5009003. As she is a fashion blogger so she mostly share pins related to fashion and design. She is managing 47 pin boards and have pined 6900 pins onto these pin boards yet. She is also following some other pinterest profiles but there number is very small in front of the number of followers her pinterest profile got. She is following only 325 other profiles.

9: Honestly WTF

Honestly WTF is also connected to a website which is manged by three friends Erica Chan, Coffman and Lauren. The address of the website to which this profile is connected is Mostly this profile share content which looks different and interesting. The number of the followers this profile got is 5468694 and the number of boards created by this profile and the number of pins pinned onto these boards are 25 and 2538 respectively.

8: Jan Of Poppy Talk

Poppy Talk is a Canadian Design blog with address As its a Design blog so this profile often share content related to fashion and Deign. The number of profiles which are following this profile is 6684772 and the number of the profiles which are followed by this popular profile are 1648. The number of boards created by this profile are 113 and number of pins pinned onto these pin boards is 9401.

7: Molly Pickering

Molly Pickering is the seventh most popular pinterest user. She has not attached any website with her pineterest profile and also have not gives any particular website about her on her profile. 6769980 other pinterest users are following Molly Pickering. Usually she shares all types of content on her pinterest profile. She have created 13 pin boards and have pinned 3990 pins onto these pinterest pin boards. She is also following 196 other pinterest profiles in return.

6: Pejper

Now here comes a Pinterest profile connected to a Swedish life style Blog with address As this profile is connected to life style blog so they normally share content related to life style. 6810444 other pinterest profiles are following this pin profile. They have made 59 pin boards and have pinned 59302 pins on to these pin boards. They are also following 1060 other pinterest profiles.

5: Jane Wang:

Jane Wang name seems like of an Asian native, She got a plenty of pineterst followers to her pinterest profile, as she is at number 5 among all of the pinners in Pinterest, So number of followers of this profile is huge, total number of people following this profile is 7504189 and the She is also following some other pinterest profiles which are 193 in Number. She shares almost all types of the stuff in her pinterest profile. She has pinned 21681 pins onto her 98 pin boards yet.

4: Bonnie Tsang:

Another Asian Girl but this time from Los Angles, Bonnie Tsang is a photographer which capture beautiful piece of  interior designing , life style and food items into her camera reel. She also got a plenty of pinterest followers to her profile, almost 7875826 people are following her in this social network. But she is following only 197 other pinterest profiles. She mostly share her own piece of art captured by her camera but also share others’ stuff too. She has pinned 13023 pins onto her own created 52 pin boards.

3: Maryann Rizzo:

Maryann Rizzo is at third rank in pinterest’s list of top users. She is a very experienced interior designer and mostly share her experiences in the form of photos in pinterest. Her interior designing ideas are very helpful and amazing. She also got a plenty of pinterest followers to her pinterest profile. 8053401 pinterest users are following her profile and she also shared a lot of content on her pinterest profile. She have pinned 83354 pins onto her 245 pin boards.

2: Bekka Palmer:

Bekka Palmer is also a Designer and also running a blog known as She got 8447426 followers on her pinterest profile. She also mostly share her own pieces of Designing. She have pinned 4138 pins onto her 38 different pin boards yet. She is also following 131 other pinterest profiles.

1: Joy Cho / Oh Joy:

The name behind this wonderful and most popular profile in pinterest is “Joy Deangdeelert Cho” who is Asian Born American native. Joy is a fashion blogger and Photographer and also runs a popular fashion blog Bonnie Tsang who is at fourth rank also work on this blog as a photographer. Joy’s profile is the only profile in pinterest which have more then 10 million followers. She got 12706869 followers to her only pinterest profile. She have shared 7674 pins onto her 80 pin boards. She is also following 144 other pinterest profiles.

So, this is the end of the list of top 30 pinners ruling pinterest. As we noticed that most popular profiles are of girls which proves that pinterest is a girls’ thing. This is the latest list among all the list on the internet today, I hope you will like the stuff.

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