Lg G Watch R : Rounded Wearable Gadget


Class and technology are something every men wants. And as we reach 2015 we step towards newer innovations in technology that start to blend both of these. We’ve come across plenty of wearable that are high end although none of it really suits on a tie, does it? Well LG certainly solved that problem. With its new wearable “LG G watch R”, you’ll be in for a treat. The leaders in technology recently launched this beauty and we just got our hands on it and we’ll be reviewing it for you.



Lg G Watch R : Rounded Wearable Gadget

The LG G Watch R is different from the other wearable gadgets that you’ve come across as it is rounded not squared as its rivals and in a pitch black color gives a very classy look. With the blend of a beautiful genuine leather that hooks up in metallic round around the circular screen- That’s right a circular screen on a wearable gadget that differs it from other gadgets as all we’ve seen till now are unattractive squared gadgets. But some fashion lovers will dislike this one, but I’m sure men who like classy attire would love this gadget.


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Although on the insides its like every other wearable gadget – Yes it has the same software that most android gadgets have at the moment. Hence making it easy for you to connect with your phone via Bluetooth or even Wifi and makes it very productive for receiving notifications must faster than other gadgets that are competing with it.


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Sadly you don’t get to see the price of the beautiful LG G Watch R as it is still a ‘Will be available soon’ on websites in the UK, USA and even Australia. It is expected that it’ll hit the market next month although a few websites have preorder price of around 370$ which we think is fair enough for a gadget like that. The rivals Samsung also provided many gadgets with outrageous prices which makes the LG G Watch R a better option as compared to them.


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Positive Point A satisfactory battery life, A classy round look, Probably the first round techno gear that looks awesome on the wrist. The LG G Watch R is something you need to have if you want all eyes to be on you.


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Negative Point The only thing that confuses us is that sometimes the pre-order price can be wrong and the actual prices turn out to be way more expensive which makes it hard to choose over Samsung as it’s more durable so the confusion is something to question.


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The Real Deal Even though the smart design and the innovative round look can be a charmer, there are still thoughts revolving that might question LG’s durability. We would advise for the price to release before buying it although the product really packs a punch

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