LG G Flex 2 Release date, Specs & Pricing


LG seems to be stepping towards innovation quite fast by winning the gadget world over and over again just a couple of years. If you rewind back to 2010 you won’t see LG in the race for gadgets though it now seems to be the king of the ring. LG’s strive for innovation was first known by the world when we got a look of the first curved screen device, the LG flex. LG had the world on his finger tips with this innovative device and they recently revealed that it’s successor the “LG G Flex 2” is already on its way to claim the market and claim their role. Let’s talk a little about this beautiful creation shall we?

LG G Flex 2 - Release date, Specs & Pricing


LG G Flex 2 Release date news

The rumors for the G Flex 2 had been flying around for quiet some time and according to them the release date for the device would be unveiled at the LG CLES, and they were right. This conference by LG took place 2 days ago and the world feasted its eyes on the TV to hear the release date of the beautiful creation.


Nothing seemed to be that clear in the conference about the release date but we estimated it as of February. And you know what that means. It means that Vodafone will start providing you the G Flex 2 in about six weeks of the release. Vodafone has also started to offer a variety of services with the G Flex 2 that has certainly caught the eye of many tech lovers around the world just waiting for the product to release so they finally get the chance to lay hands on it.

LG G Flex 2: Pricing news

Like I said, things were unclear from the conference and nothing has been confirmed though we do know one thing, the phone will be high end. If we try and estimate is with the current prices of LG’s normal flagship phones we get the approximate value of around 450 Pounds that too if you buy a contract free version. Though a rumor has been running around that the price will be around 60 Pounds that not only sounds outrageous but also gives the idea how high end the device will actually be. Which makes us pretty sure that Vodafone will be releasing it exactly after 6 weeks of release. We don’t really have the actual call on the price so we’ll just wait for the news to hit us and then we’ll tell you what we think is the real deal.


The curved rivalry

I’m pretty sure everyone else is talking about it, it’s no joke. But Samsung, with the release of the NOTE Edge has started competing with LG. It’s nothing new that we should be surprised about. Samsung has been in competition for years with Apple and pretty much challenges everyone in it’s way. Though the question is will the “LG G flex 2” mark the win for LG in this rivalry? We’ll find out really soon.

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