Lenovo Ideapad Z400


Nowadays, gadgets with touch screens are in trend. Starting from mobile phones to tablets, there is a wide range of touch screen devices. And now laptops with a touch screen are in demand. Each laptop companies claims that their touch screen laptops are the best. In actual, the majority of them are practically the same. Lenovo is the brand that truly makes one of a kind and creative touch pads. The Lenovo Ideapad Z400 is the ideal case of that. Here I have summed up the features of Lenovo Ideapad Z400.


Features of Lenovo Ideapad Z400:

The Lenovo Z400 Ideapad holds a third generation i7 processor. This is a really effective processor for a laptop. Concerning the connectivity, the laptop has 2 USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, a combo jack, 2-in-1 card viewer, and a HDMI and a VGA port.


It weighs pretty nearly 5.29 pounds, which is very much suitable for a 14-inch model. For general folks, it is light enough to carry with one hand. Talking about the hard drive, the Ideapad is equipped with a 500 GB model. This gives you more than enough space. You can store your photographs, songs, videos, reports, games, etc. without any space issues. The gadget likewise supports Lenovo Power DVD software and a DVD drive. The software can handle DVD playback without any issues. It can additionally play motion pictures and music archived on the hard drive.

Touch pad of Lenovo Ideapad Z400:

With everything taken into account, the Lenovo Ideapad Z400 is an incredible, moderate touch pad. Regardless of the fact that you just need the customary form without the instinctive touch pad proficiencies, you will have an imaginative machine staring you in the face.

With its i7 processor, extensive hard drive, 6 GB -8 GB of memory, it is regarded as the unique and extraordinary laptop than others in the market. Purchase it and make your lives easy with this touch pad.

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