4 Best and Latest Lenovo Tablets


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

Lenovo is a name of it’s own when it comes to Chinese multinationals who have made it into the business big time. This company has a knack for coming up with products which not only are straight up hit, but also have a mark of quality rivaled by none. There are so many tablets which are now available in the market, mere presence of so much variety to choose from is not only intimidating but is also confusing. This article is all about the “latest Lenovo tablets” which are available in the market. This article will for sure help the reader make an informed choice about the product they like.


4 Best and Latest Lenovo Tablets

 Lenovo Tablet # 1 : Lenovo YOGA tablet 2 pro

This tablet is one of the many from YOGA series and boasts a battery life of upto 15 hours. It’s interface is not only friendly to use but also has efficiency which makes it possible to switch between applications without worrying about the unwanted hold ups in between. It’s display screen is 13.3”. It also supports 4G and can be run on both data and wifi. Depending upon the buyer’s preference, a pick among the two can be made. It has an 8MP rear camera which is equipped with a glare reducing glass which ensures the high quality of photos.


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 Lenovo Tablet # 2 : ThinkPad tablet 8

ThinkPad’s most outstanding feature is it’s multiusage possibilities. It can be used as an on a go tablet, or connected with a keyboard can be turned into a dock system or a USB. Yes all that is now possible with a tablet, not to forget the feature which allows the user to turn this tab into a monitor screen. It’s display screen is 8.3” and has a Windows 8 support system. It supports a 2MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera. Like YOGA 2 pro this one is also equipped with both wifi and cellular data supports.


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 Lenovo Tablet # 3 : Lenovo Miix 2

With a battery life of up to 7 hours, and 8” wide display screen this tab is not a bad pick in this price. It comes equipped with a stylus pen and is a perfect pick for those who are more into drawing and using the stylus for other purposes. It has a 2MP front camera and sensitive multitouch system. One of the most astounding features of this tablet is the face recognition password software. Which allows you to set your face as a password.


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 Lenovo Tablet # 4 : Lenovo YOGA tablet 2 (8”)

Another one from the YOGA series. This tablet is ideal because of it’s long lasting battery life. Which is claimed to last up to 18 hours. A perfect pick for those prone to putting in long hours without any access to frequent charging. It’s powerful battery life makes all other features stand second. Like it’s predecessors it supports an 8MP rear camera. And like other YOGA tablets it can be styled in four different ways depending on user’s ease and demand.


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All these and several other latest Lenovo tablets have made it into the market and can be ordered from Amazon.

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