Last Match – A Really Fun Game to Play on Your Smartphone

Game to Play on Your Smartphone
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:22 am

There are so many great games that are available on Android and iPhone platform. Some of the games make it to the top ranking whereas, other being really amazing, don’t get all that coverage from audience. However, it doesn’t mean that we should stop talking about all those apps. If an app offers good features for its users, it must be discussed and review. One of such apps is called Last Match and in this post, we are going to review that application.


The Basics

You are supposed to think ahead of your time in this game so you can survive. Keep in mind that Last Match is basically a puzzle game in which you have to stay ahead of your opponents all the time. The game offers multiple game settings so it can be enjoyed by anyone.

Game to Play on Your Smartphone
Game to Play on Your Smartphone

Playing The Game

You have to take turns with a human or a computer player in order to play this game. In each turn, you are supposed to remove matches from a row. It is up to you that how many matches you remove with one shot but you can only target one row in one turn. The player who will take out the last match will be considered as the loser. In the beginning, there will be 3 matches in the first row, 5 in the second and 7 in the 3rd and last row. Again, it must be mentioned here that you can target only one row in a turn. If you are not able to take off all the matches in a row, you will have to work on the same row in next turn as well.

Adjusting The Game Settings

Just like any other smartphone game application, Last Match also offers different settings and game types. You can adjust the settings as per your need and expertise. As stated earlier, you have the option to play against computer or another human player through the game center. There are three difficulty levels in the game called easy, normal and hard. You can select any difficulty level based on your expertise and preference. There are different game options available as well; standard, salvation, freedom and coercion. If you will select the standard type, a simple game will start. However, you can see some special matches by selecting other game settings and playing modes.

Cool Tricks

If you get a green match, it will add 3 simple matches to the same row. If you get a blue match stick, it will be replaced with a simple one. If you get a red match, it will remove one match stick from each row making your game a little easier. You can activated special matches but only when you have taken them. You are supposed to collect these matches while playing the game. Before starting the game, you can decide who will take the first move. Either you can take the first move or offer it to the opponent. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.