25+ Things to know about Kim Kardashian

We all know that Kim Kardashian is an American model, actress, businesswoman and host a Television show. We also know that she has been married 3 times in her life but today, we are going to tell some interesting things about Kim Kardashian that you don’t know. You will get surprise after reading more about her.

25+ Things to know about Kim Kardashian 2016

The 36 years old has done a lot in her life. She is the highest paid Television personality. She has get a lot of success on Television. 2010 was the golden year for her when her popularity started to grow fast. In 2011 she entered into the business, she also faced a struggle in it. She has also released her video game in 2014 for Android and iPhone known as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It was the fifth highest earning game in iStore.

Today, we have made a list of things you should know about Kim Kardashian. We hope you will enjoy this list but if you find us wrong anywhere then please tell us about this, so that we can correct it. Share it further after reading it. Enjoy the list of “25+ Things to know about Kim Kardashian”

1.Wanted to be a teacher

Kim Kardashian never wanted to become a TV personality or model or actress in her childhood. She wanted to become a teacher, not an ordinary teacher but a mathematics teacher.


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2.First Date

Kim Kardashian first ever date was with the nephew of Michael Jackson; Tito Joe Jackson at age of between 14 and 16. She is now 35 and Tito is 37.


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3.She was a stylist

Before getting fame Kim Kardashian used to be the stylist of Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. Now she is more famous than both of them and more richer than them.


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4.Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor used to idol of Kim Kardashian. When Elizabeth Taylor died Kim Kardashian bought £65,000 jewelry at the sale of her estate. That’s a lot of money.


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5.Birthday At Neverland Ranch

Most of us don’t know about it that Kim Kardashian’s 14th Birthday party was held at the Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. According to Kim Kardashian it was the best birthday party she ever had.


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6.Paris Hilton helped Kim

Kim Kardashian gets to the centered stage because of Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton used to take her on parties with her. In an interview Paris Hilton said “I created Kim Kardashian, her whole family owes me life”.


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7.Make up and hair

She spent hour and a half everyday on her make up and hair but when she has to go on a big event like Met ball, she spent three to four hours on her make up and hairs. She loves this process.


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8.Church on every Sunday

Kim Kardashian is not only a fashion follower but she also follows religion. When she was living in Beverly Hills. She went to church every Sunday with Kourtney, Khloé and Rob.


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9.Movie Tunes

When she was at high school, her father has the music marketing firm with the name of “Movie Tunes”. Kim Kardashian used to work in that firm at the time of her High school age.


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10.Real Name

Kim Kardashian real name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian. She was born in October 21, 1980. She is daughter of Robert Kardashian (Late) and Kris Jenner.


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11.Kim’s 1st marriage

Kim Kardashian first marriage was held when she was just 19 years old. She married to music producer Damon Thomas and then after four both separate their ways. I


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12.Kim’s 2nd marriage

Kim Kardashian 2nd marriage was held with the basketball star Kris Humphries. Their wedding left for 72 days and they filed for divorce.


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13.Kim’s 3rd marriage

Kim Kardashian 3rd marriage was held with the hip-hop artist Kanye West in 2014. They are currently living a very happy life and they have two kids; Saint West and North West.


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14.Favorite Junk Food

What do you think her favorite food is? Any guesses? Pizza? Burger? Shawarma? Kim Kardashian favorite junk food is deep fried Oreos.


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15.Aladin’s Jasmine

In 2009 Halloween party Kim Kardashian dressed up as the Disney animated movie “Aladin” fictional character Princess Jasmine.


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16.Madame Tussauds

Kim Kardashian has a wax figure at the Madame Tussauds museum in New York. She has been immortalized by this statue.


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17.Flat Shoes

Kim Kardashian don’t wear flat shoes until she has to run on a treadmill. Her closet of shoes is full of high heels.


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18.Highest Earning Star

Kim Kardashian is the highest earning Television star in the history of the world. She has earned $52.5 million in 2015 which more than any television star has ever earned.


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19.Weak in History

Kim Kardashian is very weak in history. If she go back to school she should pay special attention to History because she don’t understand a single word when she visit castles and guides tell her about king and queen.


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20.Worst Supporting Actress

Kim Kardashian has been nominated as the Worst Supporting Actress in 2009 Razzie Award for the movie she did in 2008 known as “Disaster Movie”.


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21.Stretch marks

Stretch marks are the biggest fear of Kim Kardashian. In a interview she told she had nearly cried when she saw the stretch marks on her sister’s belly.


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22.Favorite model

Kim Kardashian is a model by herself but she is not her favorite. Kim Kardashian has two favorite supermodels Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.


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23.Most searched celebrity

In 2008 Kim Kardashian was titled as the most searched celebrity on Google. Previously it was Britney spears who had held the title for 4 years.


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24.Her Tweets

Don’t always believes on what she tweets because most of them has been paid by the brands. Once she has been paid $25,000 to tweet about a brand.


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25.George Clooney

When she had been asked on a TV interview that with whom she wants to stranded on Island? She answered George Clooney.


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