Judge calls for global peace in Apple and Samsung Case


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:59 pm

Just yesterday, I covered the issue of Apple and Samsung patent case that has started once again in San Francisco court this time. There were so many calls from the bench of “Global Peace” but Samsung and Apple seem to be avoiding any talk about the peace right now. They are still fighting for the damages and for the possibility of winning a bigger award. Samsung is trying to revert the case and Apple is wishing to earn $500 million more from this case. It seems that there is no end to this battle and unless one party becomes bankrupt, other party is not going to sit silently.


Yesterday, there was first hearing of this case under Judge Lucy Koh who also look desperate about the situation because nobody ever wanted the issue to go this far. Lawyers from both sides were ready with arguments and oh boy, that was one hell of an argument in court last day.

 “Is there some endpoint here?” Koh asked both sides, according to a live-blogged court report from one of the reputed sources. Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny’s response — that the issue won’t be resolved until the court enforces the law — left Koh “despondent” and with her head in her hands, the report said.

There were definitely some new developments about the case yesterday and the court also asked the jury to come up with their own calculations about the damages as well. Still, it cannot be said that judge favored comments from any one side. The case is completely open right now but of course, Apple has already won $1billion in the same case back in September. However, the judge was quite keen to state that she wanted to fix this issue before the start of New Year.

On the other hand, both companies are also trying their best to grab the attention of buyers by offering different gift schemes during the holiday season. Looking at the campaigns, one can easily say that this is a touch competition but Samsung definitely has an edge at the moment.

For the first time, during this quarter, Apple has moved to the second spot in smartphone users. It has never happened before in the history of Apple that any other smartphone platform has beaten them in numbers. However, it is worth nothing that Google’s Android based smartphones are now more popular as compared to Apple’s iOS devices. At this time, Samsung holds around 26.3 percent share in U.S market whereas, Apple holds only 17.8 percent share. This is really a strange situation. However, finally words can be said about this issue once the results of final quarter of this current year will be released. That will happen by the end of December and then we will able to tell which smartphone company is on top. On worldwide level, the story is entire different but with same results. Samsung holds for 56 percent global share and Apple own only 15 percent. Again, the sales of iPhone 5 are not included in this data.

Do you also think that the battle between Apple and Samsung should stop right here and world should find some peace finally?

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