Is Facebook going to buy WhatsApp after Instagram? – What is their plan?

Facebook going to buy WhatsApp after Instagram
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Internet has always been a rumor factory and the latest product of this rumor mill is that “Facebook is going to buy WhatsApp, a famous messaging app found in smartphones”. Still, there is no surety about it and we cannot say anything with certainty whether Facebook is actually thinking to acquire the messaging app or not. This is just a rumor and it will be better to treat it like a rumor.

Facebook going to buy WhatsApp after Instagram
Facebook going to buy WhatsApp after Instagram

The time when this discussion started on the internet, no core data was available for a debate. As a matter of fact, still we don’t have any authentic information on the basis of which we could say that Facebook is really going to acquire WhatsApp. However, if you look at the purchase of Instagram by Facebook then you can easily say that Facebook will be really interested in acquiring an app like WhatsApp as well.

Some people will completely differ from our point of view but still, this is just a point of view and nothing else. According to certain sources, Facebook really wanted to buy the startup that is acting as a leader in the free messaging apps when it comes to the smartphone market.

The twist has been brought in the story by Facebook as they announced this morning to come up with their own free messaging app. It is quite clear that the new app will be a direct competitor of WhatsApp as it will not only allow Facebook users to chat with each other but you could also text all those friends that are not using Facebook. A person can simply sign up for that app by using their name and phone number. This is the same sign up process used by WhatsApp so Facebook is actually copying the method. The app will be initially launched in certain countries like Australia, Venezuela, Indonesia, South Africa and India. The best thing about this app is that, it will be completely free to use just like Facebook.

You must be thinking that when people can connect with each other by using Facebook then why in the world, Facebook is allowing other users to connect with people by using an app in which no Facebook account is required? According to Peter Deng from Facebook, they want to help people communicate with each other easily. No matter how easy it becomes to use Facebook on a mobile phone, users still want to use the texting feature and by making such an App, Facebook can really start a competition.

So, it is quite clear that Zuckerberg was keenly interested in buying WhatsApp but he couldn’t. Well, the kid has got all the money in the world and still he can’t buy WhatsApp? There could be a good reason behind it but now it is time for WhatsApp team to get worried because a company like Facebook is going to compete with them with the help of a new messaging app that has been launched today.

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