iPhone 7 release date and Details


With the release of iPhone 6 which has been in the market for quite some time now. And so has been iPhone 6+. With the release of both these products expectations have now risen for what Apple has in store for its fans next.  Although no decisions have yet surfaced regarding the name of this expected phone it’s generally being speculated that it will be called “iPhone 7” or iPhone 6s. Another rumor which is making rounds in the market is that both 6s and 7 will be released next year, just not at the same time. No official news has yet been released or confirmed by the company itself. However the rumor mill is hot and spinning lots of those rumors. This article contains all the tidbits which have made it through the rumor mill and are circling in the blogosphere.

iPhone 7


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iPhone 7 release date and Details

Another rumor which is taking roots is that Apple might also release 4 inch display screen phones targeted for women only. This remains to be seen what amount of truth can be credited to these rumors. One sure short expected feature which iPhone 7 is expected to support is sapphire display screen. Apple supplier Foxconn is said to have made a new plant in Taiwan worth $2.6 billion which will provide the sapphire display glass for iPhone7. Now that in itself is something of a grand nature. And only sets to confirm the rumor about sapphire display glass for iPhone 7.


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The biggest issue under scrutiny is what the next phone will be called. It could be called iPhone 7 , iPhone 6s or iPhone 6c which is the cheaper counter product of iPhone 6. Another story which is circulating hot and wide is that Apple will now release two phones per year. As per this storyline next phone will be called iPhone6 and will probably make it in the markets with Apple watch earlier in 2015. And iPhone 7 will follow this one sometime in September next year which is 2015.


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Next comes the most hotly discusses topic of the screen width, Apple could go for the usual 5.5 or 4.7. this still remains a question as to what Apple might go for next. The reception which iPhone 6 has received declared it pretty much a success. This in itself proves that there are people out there who still prefer smaller screens and manageable phones compared to the latest trend of wide screened larger that hands phone, which seems to have made it in the market of late. iPhone 7 might support iOS9 and be also capable of wireless charging.


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The same feature which was expected to make it in the iPhone 6 but so far is only expected to make an appearance in the Apple watch. iPhone 7 might have 3D display and be capable of producing DSLR quality images. The design however is not expected to be much different from the predecessor iPhone 6.


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