iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c At Discounted Price From Walmart

Apple iPhone 5c
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If you are looking to buy the two new products of Apple, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and want to save your money while purchasing them, then you might need to try out Walmart.Both of these Apple devices are not available for the sale yet but Walmart has recently announced that they are giving discount on prices of both new iPhone gadgets. The retail giant confirmed out that if you would buy iPhone 5c from them, you will be able to get $20 discount and will be able to get that specific device at the price of $79 (iPhone 5c).

 Apple iPhone 5c


Similarly, if you would buy the iPhone 5s device from Walmart you will save $10 and it will cost you around $189 in order to buy this device. Well these are the discounted prices from the Walmart which will be available in upcoming days. But remember this is the price of 2 year contract with Walmart. The pre-orders for the iPhone 5c are opened, while both of these top devices will be available on the stores and market on September, 20.

Apple iPhone 5s

Another interesting thing is that Walmart will also be giving discounts on older versions of iPhone. Those who are wishing to buy them can get the iPhone 5c at $79 while iPhone 5s will be available at $190.If users will buy iPhone 4; they will be given $100 Walmart gift card. Once again keep in mind all of these prices are just for 2 years contract.

From this Saturday, Walmart will give discount on several other different products and yeah those customers who are looking to buy these two new gadgets can get them at price tag of $549 and $349 respectively ( price for unlocked devices ). Walmart also scheduled to open its smartphone trade in program from the customers which are living in united states.At the end Walmart also quoted those iPhone 5 devices will also be available at the price tag of $300 and will be included in this program. So now which Apple device you are going to buy from Walmart, give us your feedback by leaving your comments below.

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