Guide To iPhone 4 Front Glass Replacement

Guide To iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

Oh you have cracked the front panel of your iPhone? Now only three options are left in front of you.  Either utilize that Iphone with cracked screen or buy a new one or try to fix it.Let’s suppose you have Applecare+ which is able to cover the accidental damages, the selection is easier for you.  iPhone 4 Front Glass Replacement option or getting it fixed through official support are also two other choices. But what will you do when you have no warranty for your phone, then only one option that you can utilize is to fix out your device.

 iPhone 4 Screen Replacement



Therefore below I am going to discuss about the iPhone 4 Front Glass Replacement :


If your device is too much cracked then you should need to buy a new phone.iPhone 5 is to be released in next two months and which will come out with some excellent and superb features.


One of the best place to research on the internet is YouTube where you can find out the thousand of videos on different things. There are also a lot of video tutorials on iPhone 4 Front Glass Replacement. One of the top tech channel Tech Spank, where you can find cool and useful tutorials on both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. While performing the replacement screen tutorial, he also points about the basic and important mistakes which most of guys have done and how they can solve them.


You can easily get the kits from both IFixit ($50-$65) and The Phone Doctors ($87-$97 depending upon which carrier you are using).If you want to buy the same kits at cheaper rates i.e. $15, then Amazon will be best option where you can get these kits. All the tools that will come with iPhone kit will not be utilized only best tool like Screw Mat will be used.


Another great idea is to clear out the workspace. Either heat gun or hair dryer may be required for iPhone 4 Front Glass Replacement (screen replacement).


Last but important thing which is you need to be patient. Collect all the videos for iPhone 3 screen replacement. Follow them at your own risk and repair your device easily.

Also which things you will need for repairing the iPhone 4 glass screen are mentioned in this guide about how to repair iPhone screen.

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