IP address of the Sender – How Can You Know About it?

IP address of the Sender – How Can You Know About it?

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 07:14 pm

IP address stands for the internet protocol address which is a numerical label that is assigned to every device which participates in a computer network that utilizes IP for communicating. The devices are mostly mobiles and computers. An IP address of a computer indicates its route and location.


When it comes to emails, every email has an identifying information within itself. This identifying information is called the header. The Internet Protocol address is contained in the email headers which is delivered to the recipient to the email itself. Email header is like the postal mail. It consists of the electronic counterpart of the addressing and postmarks which  reflect the routing of a mail from the source to the destination.

Nowadays most people have not seen an email header. This is because the modern email clients generally hide the email headers view.  But then the headers always are delivered together with email. Most clients provide the option in order to make the header visible.

IP address of the Sender – How Can You Know About it?
IP address of the Sender – How Can You Know About it?

How to get the IP address from email Headers?

The email headers contain lines of text material. The lines generally start with “Received: from” which is then followed by the Internet Protocol address. This is sent with the email. In case only one line is visible then that is the exact Internet Protocol address for sure. These lines are automatically inserted by the email servers that route the message.

At times there are more than one received: from lines in the headers. This happens generally when the message passes via multiple email servers. Some email spammers insert some additional fake lines to confuse the recipients.

When no fake lines are added in a multiple lined header, then the last line is the IP address. In case of fake headers, the first one is to be the real IP address mostly.

Steps that can Help retrieve IP Address

One can look for the IP address in the following six steps too for different email accounts.

+ In the Windows Live mail, Outlook express or Windows Mail right click the email, go to properties and click on the tab “Details”.

+ In Gmail, open the mail. Look for the reply button on the right hand upper corner. Click the arrow next to it and then click on “Show Original”.

+ In Yahoo mail, right click on the mail and click on show headers.

+ In Apple Mail, click the email once in order to highlight and select it. In the menu bar then, click on ‘view’ and then on ‘message’ and then on ‘long headers’.

+ In Thunderbird, click on email once to select and highlight it , then in the menu bar click on ‘view’ and then on “Message Source”.

+ In MSN , Hotmail or Windows Live Webmail, right click on the email and then select “View Message Source”.

With all these tips at hand, now it is a matter of a few clicks for you to track down the Internet Protocol Address from an email that has been sent to you. So, now no more confusion regarding the emails that you receive.

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