iOS7 Jailbreak, Is That Really Available?

iOS7 jailbreak

iOS7 jailbreak

iOS7 Jailbreak, one of the hottest topics on the web right now. Almost every iOS7 users is now thinking about a jailbreak to take complete control over their apple devices running iOS7. iOS7 jailbreak is also one of the controversial topics right now. Some unknown people are claiming that a jailbreak solution for iOS7 is available just after the releases of the new iOS version. But on the other hand top hackers of the industry have not confirmed any jailbreak solution for newly released iOS version. Top iOS hackers are still looking for a big exploit in the roots of iOS7.


But on the other hand leading iOS hackers in the industry are also confident about the jailbreak solution for iOS7. For example one of the popular iOS hacker Pod2g have confirmed that “they are confident about iOS7 jailbreak and soon they will be offering the jailbreak tool for iOS7”. As told earlier hackers are still finding a big exploit in iOS7 which can provide root access. An exploit is just like a bug, every time hackers find that bugs and create Jailbreak tools and every time apple fixes old bugs in new version of iOS. This time Apple have made a lot of new changes in the security which are creating difficulty for the hackers to find a big bug but nothing is impossible in this world and soon hackers will able provide you a jailbreak solution of iOS7.

But none of the top hackers has claimed an iOS7 jailbreak solution. So, don’t loose your bucks for the people who are claiming about iOS7 jailbreak and just wait for the right time. iOS7 jailbreak will be available in 2 or 3 months or even before November. If you don’t want to use your iPhone without jailbreak than don’t update your device to iOS7 and wait for 2 months approximately.

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