iOS 7 Available From Today, Everything you need to know about it

iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 is coming up today for download, which is considered as the mobile operating software for devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and this operating software will bring something extra to the new look of Apple mobile devices. This new operating system will support the iPhone 4 and later devices, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPad touch fifth generation devices. When both the new Apple products iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched, CEO of Apple announced that the three top iPhone applications which are iWork,iPhone and iMovie will be available for free to download with those device which are running this new operating system.

iOS 7


Before you are going to use this operating software on your devices, here are all the things that you should need to know about iOS 7:

Everything that You need to Know About iOS 7

New Interference

One of the important and main thing that iPhone users should need to know is that the interference of this new operating system is totally changed that brings something extra to look of Apple devices. Some of the best and new features and applications are added to this new Apple operating software.

Control Center

It is one of the best feature in this new Apple O.S that you will be able to checkout the brightness and also your mobile device can also be available in air plane mode.


Safari is the top internet browser that is mostly on both mobile and computers. Now matter how much annoying you are feeling due to the smartphone you are using but you will find this browser comfortable and easier to use.


You can upload a file to any type of application that supports AirDrop feature. You can do it easily through the help of social media.

Camera and Photos

Use the widescreen camera of your apple device, you will be able to take out the pictures and can record the videos in HD formats. Camera and photo features are improved more this time in new operating system. You can utilize the iCloud sharing option through which you are able to take screenshots and upload them to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The App Store

This time the new search methods are introduced to this operating system. You can find out your favorite applications through his age or either due to popularity of such applications according to your location. The best function is that it automatically updates your applications.


Integration of music from iCloud and local library directly into one library can be done easily. The interference is also changed up this time which brings something new to O.S of Apple.

Activation Lock 

iOS 7 seems to be more secured than the previous operating systems and it brings advanced security to your mobile device. If your phone is stolen or you have lost it, then first time you can set it but the next time you will require the iTunes password in order to active it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.