Invisible Gamepad By Kickstarter – Review


Technology is becoming advance so fast that every day something innovating & different comes up. When it comes to gadgets, Touch screens are one of the most useful invention. They have made our life a lot more easier but still there are somethings we can’t do perfectly while using a touch screen. A big example is games, we can’t play games easily on touch screen due to lack of buttons. It is always difficult to control things on Touch Screen when you are playing a game that’s why mostly people prefer Xbox & Play stations. But a new amazing accessory has been introduced for this very problem. Recently, Kickstarter launched a new project named Invisible Gamepad. It is simply amazing.



Feature are given below.


Its box contains a high-quality microfiber screen cloth to clean them after use & keep them well protected and 63 different transparent film controls for all kinds ofgames & 24 analog pads, 19 buttons, 10 digital pads, and 10 4-way digital pads. It means you have many options of controls.


Invisible Gamepad is a set of useful sticker controls which can be used to play any game you want. They are applicable to all the touch screens Android, iPhone, iPad etc. You can stick the controls you want for your game on your screen or protector. It will not leave any scratch or mark behind. It is easy to use & very helpful in games.

Easy To Use

Invisible Gamepad is very simple & easy to use. Just choose the controls from the set for your game, stick it to the screen & play unlimited games with cool controls. You will not need any gaming console after buying it.


It adds precision to your game. Special tracking lacers have been used to make them perfect. They are accurate for use on any touch screen. You will not face any problem when it comes to precision. They work perfectly fine & efficiently without any delay for all games.


If you want to play game in different directions then stick the controls in all the four corners now you can rotate the phone in any direction you want & use these cool controls. Overall they are amazing, all the racing & adventure games will become more easy to play. I guess we have to wait till its release to find out more about it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.