Install Atom Launcher In Your Android Smartphone and get Beautiful Home Screens

atom launcher for android

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 12:56 am

If you don‘t like the default UI of android OS then you can install different launcher apps that are easily available on Google Play store. Being and android user, I have tried using different launcher apps but I must confess here that none of those apps have been able to impress me so far. For a long time, I have been using Go Launcher Ex. The problem with this launcher app is that, it makes your phone quite slow and sluggish. At various occasions, the launcher stops working too. However, I have finally found a really great launcher app that will not only work fine with your android smartphone but it will bring a new life for your android smartphone as well. The name of this launcher is “Atom Launcher”.



All those basic features that must be offered by a launcher app are also offered by atom launcher as well. Working with this launcher is really easy and convenient. Even if you are using android OS for the first time, you will not take a lot of time to figure out how to install and use atom launcher. All those features that must be present in a launcher app are also available in this app as well. There are multiple home screens, widgets, docks and different themes that you can change according to your preference.

Buzz Launcher
Buzz Launcher

The best thing is that, it is not difficult to switch from another launcher to Atom Launcher. You can even import your existing home screen settings, widgets and icons to Atom Launcher as well. This feature is not offered by any other launcher app so far.

There is enough room to add nine different home screens and you can also implement four to six different grid layouts as well. You can also organize app drawer according to your needs like you can sort icons in alphabetic order, based on size or installation date or you can even organize them in different folders as well.

atom launcher for android
atom launcher for android

Installing A New Theme

Once you will install Atom Launcher in your android smartphone, some default themes will be installed along with that. However, if you are not satisfied with the installed themes, you can find more themes and install them in your phone as well. For this purpose, you will have to install Atom Store in your android smartphone. Some themes are completely free and some are paid. If you are not willing to pay for a theme, you can settle for a free theme too.

Beautiful User Interface

As I sated earlier, I have tried different launcher apps before in my android smartphone and none of them really impressed me. Atom Launcher is the first launcher app that has been able to get my attention and I have been using it in my smartphone since one week now. The user interface of this app is really awesome. Obviously, there is some room for improvement too but overall, this app is great for use.

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