How To increase YouTube Video Size

How To Increase The Video Uploading Size Limit In YouTube

Last updated January 23rd, 2015 at 08:55 pm

YouTube one of the most popular video sharing website in the internet, In simple word it is at top rank among all the video sharing websites these days. When Youtube was launched that time it was only allowing 15 minutes videos to upload there. Those days was of great trouble because if you wan to upload videos more the 15 minutes length then people cut their videos in the different parts of 15 minutes length. But now the problem is fixed now you can upload videos with more then 15 minutes length. In this article we will tell how to increase youtube video size limit in Youtube. With the help of this article you can increase video uploading size in to GBs. Below is the complete process to do so.


How To Increase The Video Uploading Size Limit In YouTube

How To increase YouTube Video Size

1: Go To Youtube

First thing you have to do is just go to your Youtube profile after signing in to Youtube. After signing into your Youtube profile you have to go the uploading page, from where you usually upload videos. Now read the step described below.

2: Now Increase The Size limit

For going to the video uploading page you just have to “Click on the upload button”, after this you will get options for video uploading. Now you have to scroll down the page then you will see “Increase Your Limit”, this will be right against Upload HD videos In Various Format Up to “15 Minutes”, click on it.

increase size limit

After clicking on it you will be asked to verify your account, this will be verified by using your mobile number. Just select your country and then give your mobile number as shown in the picture below.

verification step 1

After giving all of the information click on Submit, after submitting you will get a “code” by SMS on your mobile, after submitting another page will be oped in which you have to verify your account by entering the “code”. Enter the code then click on “Verify button” to verify your account.

verification step 2

After verifying your account you will see a Success message, showing you that “now you can upload videos longer then 15 minutes”. After this you will be redirected to the “upload page”.

Success Message

So, this is the way describing how to increase the video uploading limit in Youtube, through this post you will be able to increase size limit in Youtube and then you can upload videos up to 2 GB size. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.