4 Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic with Digg

Increase Your Blog Traffic With The Help Of Digg
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Last updated January 16th, 2015 at 01:50 am

There are a lot of social bookmarking websites on the internet that can be used to drive traffic towards your blog. The main idea of these social bookmarking websites was never to drive traffic towards a blog/ website or increase the search engine rankings but due to their functionality and structure, SEO experts have been using them for two common reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to bring more traffic and exposure towards your blog and second important aspect is to get quality back-links for your blog posts.


In this post, we are going to discuss how a person can “Increase your Blog Traffic with Digg”.

Increase Your Blog Traffic With The Help Of Digg

4 Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic with Digg

Step # 1 – Always Digg The Original Source

If you want to make sure that your blog gets quality traffic through Digg then you need to submit only the original source of the content. You may have written a fabulous blog post inspired by another blogger but it doesn’t mean that you should submit your post on Digg. You should return the favor and submit the blog post of original author first. After giving credit, you can go ahead and share your own blog post too.

Step # 2 – Digging Your Own Post Is A Big NO

One of the most common reason why people use Digg is to share their own blog posts so they can get some traffic and back-links too. However, it has been proved that digging your own post has no benefits. As soon Digg will realize that you submit only your blog posts, they will block your account. You may not know about the account blockage but there will be no traffic coming towards your site through Digg at all. Still it doesn’t mean that you should not submit your blog post to Digg at all. Ask your colleagues and friends to submit your post on Digg on your behalf. Once they are done submitting the post, it is time for you to submit your post by yourself too.

Step # 3 – Digging More Than One Post

Ask your friends to submit more than one links to Digg at one time. If someone submits only one link on Digg, he can be flagged as a spammer. You should try to submit more than one links at a time. One link should belong to your blog and other links should be informative blog posts from other blogs that you follow. This will help you continue a safe journey on Digg without getting penalized.

Step # 4 – Title and Description Really Matter

I have often noticed people sharing their content on Digg without proper title and description. You should know that the title and description of a post or link is the main thing that drives people towards it. If your submission lacks a proper title and description, no one will be interested to open it and visit your blog. Come up with an interesting and attractive title and description for your post before submitting it to Digg.

There are many other tips that I want to share with you but for the time being, above 4 tips are good enough. If you will follow the above tips, you will surely get a lot of traffic form Digg.

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