3 Best Way to Increase Traffic with Reddit 2015

Reddit For Generating Blog Traffic

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:59 am

Just like many other social bookmarking websites, Reddit also provides you and opportunity to submit your blog link and generate traffic. However, you have to play by the book/ code. There are certain rules that you should follow while working on Reddit because if you will break the rules, not only your account will be deactivated but you will also hurt your brand name as well.


In order to make sure that you get high quality traffic regularly from Reddit, you should use it properly. In this post, I’m going to tell you about some of the best ways to drive a lot of traffic from Reddit without hurting your blog/brand.

One thing that you should keep in your mind is that, like many other social bookmarking websites, Reddit also doesn’t like those people who only submit their own links. If you don’t want your account to be deactivated then you should submit other links along with your own blog links on Reddit.

Following are the 3 Best Way to Increase Traffic with Reddit 2015.

1 – Know how Reddit works

The problem with most bloggers is that, as soon as they find out a way to submit their link on any website, they just go ahead and submit as many links as possible. This is totally a wrong behavior. As I have already said before, Reddit hates such people who only submit their own links on their websites. Before you start using Reddit, it is important for you to take a look at the Reddit community and learn how things work over there. Not only you should do proper research before starting a blog but you should also do research before submitting your blog links to different websites as well. Discuss the matter with those people who are already using Reddit, follow people on Reddit and communicate with them. In blogging, it is always a good idea to make networks before networks can really help you promote your blog and get a lot of search engine optimized backlinks.

3 Best Way to Increase Traffic with Reddit 2015
3 Best Way to Increase Traffic with Reddit 2015

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2 – Link should contain an attractive title and a picture

Submitting a link doesn’t mean that you have to submit only the link to Reddit. You should priorities your goals. If your goal is to get a backlink by submitting your link to Reddit then you are mistaken. This way, your account will be deactivated and you will never get to know about it. Every time you submit a link to Reddit, you should make sure that it has an attractive title, proper description and an eye catching image. This way, you will easily increase your chances to get more traffic through Reddit. A link without title, description and image is considered as spam and you should avoid from such practice while using Reddit.

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3 – Posting in correct SubReddit

When submitting your link, you should consider the right category for it. If your blog is related to medical devices but you submit the link in Art category, it will bring nothing good for you. Reddit uses a specialized system to show information to its readers. If you will choose the wrong SubReddit, you will get nothing out of your link submission. For sure, it will be counted as a backlink but beware that Google hates irrelevant links coming towards any website. I’m sure that you don’t want to get your account banned at Reddit and your blog penalized by Google at the same time.

Whats the next step? Apply these 3 Best Way to Increase Traffic with Reddit 2015.

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