Top Tips to Increase Life of Hard Disk

increase life of hard disk

Crashing of hard disk is just like heart attack for the users who are using both internet and computer regularly and have saved their  important data on computer. Only those people can feel the pain who are facing this problem. But don’t worry today we will tell you how to fix this problem, just follow the steps below.

increase life of hard disk


Some of the major reasons due to which your hard disk crashes are as under:

1.Physical damage
2. Fluctuation of voltage
3. Improper alignment
4. Virus and worm etc

Tips to Increase the Life of Hard Disk

You can cover all of these issues and can increase the life of  hard disk through applying these tips explained below:

Keep drive in stable & decent environment

Before you are going to install the hard disk on your computer, make sure you have read out all the main instructions that came with hard drive. Avoid sticking magnets on sides of your computer. You need to keep your computer in decent environment which is best according to your computer.

Be careful when handling your hard drive

When you are going to uninstall the hard drive from your computer or device, you will need to be careful while handling it. Don’t place it near the magnets otherwise your data may lost.

Sometimes this major problem occurs due to fluctuation of voltage or due to static shocks. Such type of issues can permanently damage your hard disk so that it will not be able to recover data.

Always run standard maintenance programs on your hard drive

You can utilize the check disk (scan disk) and disk defragmenter tools in your computer that will help in maintaining your hard disk performance and also speeds up your computer for better performance.  Try to use such type of applications in your computer on weekly basis and before doing such actions make sure you have backup of your data.

If you really want to increase the life of hard disk of of your computer then follow the tips mentioned above. I personally believe that no matter how better hard disk you are using for your computer, one day it will fail to perform. Therefore, one of the top tip that I will recommend at the end is that backup your date on weekly basis on any device other than hard disk so whenever your hard disk will be crashed you will be able to restore it easily. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.