5 Best ways to increase Followers on Pinterest 2015


Last updated January 23rd, 2015 at 08:22 pm

Pinterest is one of the rapidly growing social networking website on the internet now days. After Facebook and Twitter there comes the name of Pinterest as  the largest social networking site. But for users who own a blog or a mini website pinterest is more important then Twitter especially for websites which contain visuals like content like pictures and videos. This social network is important because it fetch a lot of traffic to websites. Today popularity is the first priority everywhere in the world. Everywhere in the world only those earn success who gains popularity quickly. On the social networking site the popularity is “followers” as many followers you have as much popularity you will earn. Now the question is how to increase followers on Pinterest? There are many methods on the internet which people use to increase their followers on pinterest but we have chosen some special methods and tips to increase pinterest followers. These methods are very easy and anyone can boost pinterest followers by applying these methods and tips. So, I think now we shall start discussing these methods to increase followers on pinterest.


5 Best ways to increase Followers on Pinterest 2015

1:  Connect Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Here is the first method to boost your pinterest followers among top 5 ways to boost pinterest followers. Most people consider this thing useless to connect their pinterest account with their Facebook and Twitter account. But who consider this they are considering useless things in their minds. As Facebook and Twitter are the top social networking websites of the internet world then likely a large number of their users also been using third top social network which is pinterest. When pinterest users connect their account with their Facebook and Twitter account then they will a lot of benefits.

They can avail up to three login options, they can login through Facebook, through Twitter or through email. The main benefit which will they avail Is the to show their presence on pinterest to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Whenever they will pin anything to their pin interest pin boards, this activity of them will be posted on their Facebook wall. When their Facebook friends who are using Pinterest see their pins they will surely connect them on Pinterest I mean will follow them.

2: Put Pin it button on your blog or website

Put Pin it button on your blog or website

Here is the second method to boost pinterest followers among top 5 methods to increase pinterest followers. This is also a very useful method to increase pinterest followers. If you got a good number of traffic on your website or blog then you can convert all of your website traffic into your pinterest followers. This is a very fast method to increase pinterest followers.

3: Put Keywords

Put Keywords

This is the third method to increase pinterest followers. Pinterest’s search method is same as any search engine it search stuff by keywords. So putting keywords in content title is very important thing. Put keywords in the title of the content and also in the title of your pin boards. As much your content become famous as much your profile will be famous on pinterest .

4: Regular Presence

Regular presence

Regular presence is also an important thing when you want something. If you are pinning content daily on routines then there are more chances to get followers expect you are pinning content twice a week. So make sure that you are pinning content regularly.

5: Engage with Others

Engage with others

This is the last but not least method to increase followers on pinterest. Engaging with is others is always a helpful thing. If you are replying to the comments or making comments on any picture or video in pinterest then everyone who likes your comment will surely follow you.

So these are the some methods to increase followers on pinterest hope you like them.

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